Subcommittee Hearing on US Govt Illegally Giving Away Bacardi Intellectual Properties

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Chris Harper Mercer killed Christians

“It is a peaceful community,” Hanlin said. “Certainly this is a huge shock to the entire community to have this level of crime, an incident occur in our community.” Armed with 4 weapons, he came into a classroom and asked the Christians to identify themselves - then one by one he shot them.



Fashion Week

JASON WU | The inspiration: Exploring the connections between construction and ease and making something with emotion and effortlessness. Fashion that has style, comfort, sensuality, practicality and a touch of the classic and refined...

NATPE 2016

In January 2016, we are celebrating 54 years of service to the ever-evolving global television industry. NATPE inspires the growth and success of content development, creation, production, financing and distribution across all platforms through interdependent marketplaces where industry powers gather to offer insight and make deals. Meet you in Miami...
Armando Pazos FEATURE

Armando Pazos’ SAVE JFK: A Mission thru Time

Jack Randolph, a second-generation Secret Service agent (his father was on JFK’s detail), crosses a time portal by an unfathomable twist of fate and travels back to the year 1963, only a few days before President Kennedy’s assassination. There, Jack faces his new destiny and the question that many of us have asked.

Puffy? Puff Daddy? Diddy? is now Dr. Combs!

Sean "Puffy" Combs majored in business administration at Howard University, producing weekly dance parties and running an airport shuttle service while attending classes. He dropped out to pursue an internship at Uptown Records, which led to a talent director position.

BREAKING NEWS: US Airline Pilots Security Memo re: Terrorism Practice on Flight to Orlando and Dry Ice Bombs

A group of Middle-Eastern males boarded in DCA. Shortly after takeoff, one got up and ran from his seat in coach towards the flight deck door, made a hard left into the lavatory, meanwhile his companions got up opened overhead bins, changed seats, made a scene. On the return flight from MCO - DCA (same flight #), 8 Middle Eastern females concealed in full burkas boarded. Read memo in its entirety here at SyndicatedNews.NET


Edward Archer shot 13 bullets at Officer Jesse Hartnett and yelled that he was shooting him because the police were doing things that were contrary to the Koran and said he was killing him for ISIS. The police officer survived 3 bullets in his arm, got out of the squad car and was able to shoot Archer. He also reported Archer's ISIS claim to the first officer on the scene and again to his Chief of Police who stated so in the press conference. The Mayor then got up on the podium and contradicted Officer Hartnett and the Chief of Police. Is being politically correct worth so much to the US Govt that we're going to deny obvious terrorist acts?

Holiday Toys

The Friendly Yet Feisty Toy
 Cat Paw features 4 different cat styles to choose from. Each Cat Paw includes 2 realistic sounds and an awesome clawing action!

Lord Taylor of Warwick – A Story of Hope

LORD JOHN TAYLOR INTERVIEW - Appointed by the Queen of England, Lord John Taylor of Warwick has a story that makes me weep. This is a story of hope. A story that should give hope to people of all socio-economic backgrounds and of any race. Born to Jamaican parents and raised poor by a single Mum...

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