Florida's Governor DeSantis signed legislation addressing Real Estate Property.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 621 into law. The law addresses squatters whether the squatting is on empty land or an apartment, condo, private house or a structure of any kind. The law goes into effect on July 1, 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the law and how it deals with fake leases:

  • Easier removal of squatters: Previously, property owners had to go through a lengthy eviction process to remove squatters. The new law simplifies this by allowing property owners to file a form with the local sheriff who can then remove the squatter.
  • Combating fake leases: The law also recognizes the issue of fake leases and cracks down on it. Creating a false document claiming property rights is now a first-degree misdemeanor and damaging the property is now a felony.

So, while fake leases might have caused delays in removing squatters in the past, law enforcement officers now have the authority to remove squatters even if they present such a document. This should significantly reduce the ability of squatters to occupy properties illegitimately.

Common sense dictates that if the owner of the property does not recognize and never signed the lease presented by squatters, that the lease is clearly false. For years now, homeowners were forced to go through the long and expensive process of trying to remove squatters through the process of eviction which the past, without this new law, the matter was civil and could take from 3 to 9 months to remedy.

When requesting a sheriff to remove squatters from one’s property, the property owner must submit a civil eviction application and a fee. If the sheriff has to stand around waiting for the squatters to leave, the owner will pay an hourly rate. Property owners will happily pay a sheriff to remove squatters. It’s still cheaper than getting stuck with thieves living comfortably on your property.

Currently, the United States has an open border policy. Foreign governments are emptying their prisons and mental health patient institutions and encouraging both prisoners and violent mental health patients to leave their respective countries and come to the United States as Fidel Castro did with those launching out of Havana during the Mariel Boat Lift of 1980.

Many people in varying states of mind are crossing the southern border with sick children. Squatters will use their sick children to justify continuing to stay on private property illegally.