By Ruthie DiTucci

After all that hiding, dramatic escape to Asia, shuffling music and fashion projects back and forth from place-to-place, the long arm of American Justice surprised Russell Simmons when he was met by a stranger in a Bali based resort.

Simmons was unaware that a process server had been quietly waiting for him to arrive to the restaurant. The gentleman had just bypassed the guards by telling them that he wanted to take a look around because he was interested in joining the resort.

He waited patiently for about an hour when he spotted Russell Simmons. Said Ayoub, “I recognized him immediately.”

As soon as Simmons was seated at his table, Ayoub approached him saying, “Excuse me, Mr. Simmons, sorry to interrupt your meeting,” then handed Simmons the service documents in an envelope and said, ‘This is for you from the State of New York.”

It was a defamation lawsuit from Drew Dixon accusing Simmons of defamation (an envelope which Simmons accepted with both hands.

Simmons had just been served by Daniel John Ayoub who was able to get past security by feigning that he was interested in joining the facility.

Simmons’ immediate response was “A f*ck, sh*t.”

Simmons was heard asking people how the process server was able to get inside the restaurant to serve him.