Shameless Gregory Anderson only provides one penny per every collected dollar to Women's Cancer Reserch. 99 Cents of every dollar goes to his luxury lifestyle.


As a woman battling cancer, I placed my hope in the Women’s Cancer Fund, believing their promise to support us through our toughest times. They claimed to raise $18.3 million to aid patients like me with living expenses during treatment. Yet, I’ve come to learn that this beacon of hope was overshadowed by greed and deception.

From 2017 to 2022, it turns out that the majority of these funds didn’t go towards easing the burdens of women fighting cancer. Instead, a staggering $15.55 million was funneled into the pockets of for-profit fundraisers, and the charity’s president, Gregory Anderson. He paid himself a salary of $775,139. It’s heartbreaking to discover that only about 1% of the donations were actually used to help women like me.

I always thought that charities were expected to have overhead costs, but only a small portion of their budget would be allocated to such expenses. It’s disheartening to realize that the generosity of donors, moved by the plight of women battling cancer, was exploited by misleading marketing tactics.

The trust we placed in the Women’s Cancer Fund has been betrayed, leaving us to question the integrity of those we believed were our allies in this fight.