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By Dena Stewart

Why Harry and Meghan are Important to US (and British) entertainment economies.

They, as “super-celebrities” generate content for the News-Entertainment Media. People watch/read/listen to the “News”.

As do companies that pay the Media for promotional Ads. With money raised, the News outlets pay their reporters, photographers, etc. thereby providing jobs (and salaries).  So, whatever Harry and Meghan do or say, they are a source that translates to dollars for the media.

Harry and Meghan make appearances at Organizations (non-profits, charities, etc.).  When they attend, these fundraisers and Galas attract big donors. So, Harry and Meghan help to raise money (donations) for the organizations. These funds not only pay administrative salaries and Charity recipients, but are used to attract additional donors.

And for people who resent their elitism – let’s not forget that Harry is/was a genuine Prince, not just a wanna be. Harry and Meghan  are responsible for giving hours of gossip-worthy conversation to those individuals who resent them for all that they have or had. Harry and Meghan lend themselves to conspiratorial gossip and psychological guesswork. There are so many people who enjoy talking about  Harry and Meghan’s “misfortunes-embarrassments” whether they are true or false, that the John Q Publics forget about their own problems. Therefore, Harry and Meghan give back hours of personal emotional avoidance. They give strangers – people who don’t know them, and never will, a justification to gloat when they read that Harry and Meghan have a problem. These people even create imaginary problems for Harry and Meghan to stimulate their own imagination.

So the long and short of it … whatever funds are being used to keep Harry and Meghan safe barely covers their contribution to the economy. Especially when we as individuals don’t decide where or how our tax money is spent by the government (City, State, and Federal).  

Note: Since this article was first offered for publication, Meghan Markle (on her own, without her husband Prince Harry) is now represented by Ari Emanuel of WME Public Relations Agency.

Emanuel’s first demand was that the couple SHUT UP and stop badmouthing the Monarchy. The couple responded by issuing a statement declaring their onslought against the Monarchy had ended.

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