Palace Confidential


Palace Confidential is a captivating weekly royal podcast, Palace Confidential, delves into the fascinating world of the British royal family. Hosted by Jo Elvin, editor of You magazine, the show offers an enticing blend of exclusive news, sharp analysis, and intriguing historical moments from the House of Windsor. Whether you’re a seasoned royal enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this podcast promises to keep you informed and entertained.

When It All Began: The journey of Palace Confidential began as a delightful exploration of the lives, intrigues, and triumphs of the royals. Jo Elvin’s engaging style draws listeners in, while her guests—ranging from the Mail’s royal experts to celebrity columnists and former palace staff—provide unique perspectives. Together, they unravel the mysteries behind the crown, revealing stories that span generations.

Highlights and Must-Listen Episodes: From dissecting the latest royal controversies to revisiting iconic moments, Palace Confidential covers it all. Tune in to discover why Prince William’s recent speech about racism in Britain was deeply significant. Explore the tensions between Prince Harry and the monarchy, including his Netflix claims and the Frogmore Cottage eviction. 

And don’t miss the expert reactions to Kate Middleton’s “conspiracy theories” and Meghan Markle’s intriguing mask slips. Each episode is a treasure trove of insights, making it a must-listen for anyone curious about the regal tapestry that weaves through history.

So, whether you’re sipping tea or driving across America, let Palace Confidential be your royal companion—a portal into the glittering world of crowns, castles, and captivating narratives.