King Edward VIII and his wife “Mrs.” Wallis Simpson, and Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, are two couples that have been compared to one another for many distinct, serious and political reasons.

King Edward VIII’s wife was an American who was still very married to and in love with her then husband, Ernest Simpson, an American industrialist when she and King Edward VIII began their affair. She became a “twice divorced” divorcée right before she married into the British royal family. Mrs. Simpson used King Henry VIII for her convenience and opportunism. Her letters prove she was in love with Ernest not her lover the King.

In the case of Prince Harry, he too married an American divorcée who was free to marry, yet she was still sharing an apartment with her boyfriend Chef Cory Vitello, a Toronto Chef when she ventured out on her first date with Prince Harry and had to hurriedly move her clothing out of the apartment she shared with Vitello.

Both marriages faced challenges as a result of their ambitious political choices.


In 1937, King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson attempted to establish a parallel monarchy in Europe. The couple considered themselves “public figures” and met with Adolph Hitler and let him know they were sympathetic towards his Nazi movement. The Marburg papers are not a Netflix invention rather they are based in legitimate proven historical documents still held at Whaddon Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK.

The Marburg Files were kept secret by the British government for many years, and some of them were destroyed or altered to protect the reputation of the royal family12. Winston Churchill, who was prime minister during and after the war, tried to suppress the details of the Nazi plot involving Edward VIII and asked U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower to do the same. President Eisenhower agreed.

The royal family had long recognized the couple as competitors to their monarchy and began paring down their stipend to end any further damage the couple might possibly do to the Monarchy’s reputation.


Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time and did everything he could to “mask” the couple’s Nazi related activities for the purposes of protecting the Monarchy’s public reputation but King Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson used the fact that Churchill wanted to keep everything private by extorting Churchill at every opportunity. It was the method the couple used to force the Monarchy to give them cash and privileges they wanted. Their requests were always turned down.

During the 30’s through to the 50’s, social media did not exist. News was very slow only carried by letter, telegraph and radio. Television sets were beginning to slowly appear in private homes but even then the news was very controlled. Today’s Social Media spreads news worldwide in seconds. Had the Windsor couple had the social media available to the Sussex today, they would have likely achieved their goals.

It is credible and clear that both couples were fueled by defiance and jealousy because in each case they were couple “number two” not the heirs. The former king wanted to be restored as the king of England with his wife, Mrs. Simpson elevated to the status of queen.

Harry and Meghan have defied the monarchy from the moment they left the United Kingdom to make their home in Montecito, California.

On one occasion the couple were acting on their own (the public thought the couple was acting with permission from the Crown when the exact opposite was true). On their own, the couple scheduled long multiple private meetings with Hitler.

King Edward VIII told Hitler that he was sympathetic of his Nazi movement and its ideas.

During King Edward VIII’s long meeting with Hitler, Mrs. Simpson met with his deputy, Rudolf Hess who treated her like royalty. This video below is the most detailed and most educational of all online videos available concerning King Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson’s collaboration and collussion with the Nazi’s against the British Monarchy.

The factors contained in this video above describe many verified events in which the couple directly challenged the Royal Family and sovereignty.

Adolf Hitler had promised King Edward VIII that once Britain lost the war, Hitler would restore King Edward VIII to the throne. He also promised that Mrs. Simpson would be installed as the Queen of England with the HRH title (Her Royal Highness).

For this purpose, King Edward VIII told the Nazi regime to continue bombing London because the bombing would serve as a further encouragement to England to throw in the towel and submit to Hitler’s authority.

Paul R. Sweet wrote a well respected article in 2018 published by from a documentarial and historical perspective detailing that it was Winston Churchill who hid the extent to which King Edward VIII had collaborated with the Nazis. A famous GETTY archival image is included in the article: Photo of Adolph Hitler, King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson.

The history of King Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson were an example of a former British King and his wife gone rogue out of anger and retaliation for not having been allowed to conduct a parallel monarchy.

The Sussex Couple

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have conducted themselves in a fashion dangerously remaniscent of that displayed by King Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson’s during the thirties and the forties.

During 2021 and possibly before then, Meghan cold-called American senators — among them Susan Collins, Republican of Maine — to lobby the senators to vote for paid family leave, which many Democrats wanted included in President Biden’s pending social safety-net bill.

The former SUITS actress and suitcase presenter on Howie Mandel’s DEAL OR NO DEAL was mocked by the British press, mostly for identifying herself as “the Duchess of Sussex.” She thought that using her title would give her more prominence and importance when she called upon American politicians directly by phone to exert her imagined influence on their professional decisions.

Some politicians referred to the activity as naive and others found it charming if not offensive.

Many agree that Meghan’s public behavior was due to inexperience. In no way has she ever been asked or empowered to call on politicians to influence American politics in any way whatsoever. She is not an elected official or registered lobbyist and offended many. The idea of identifying herself as a Duchess to established career professionals could only be interpreted as narcicisstic if not just foolish.


In 2020, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle announced their departure as full time royals and left the UK to establish themselves independently in the United States. Similar to King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, before them, they too continually attempt to upstage the Monarchy. In Prince Harry’s case it is King Charles III who was crowned on May 6, 2020.

Prince Charles had led a charmed life and was not accustomed to hearing the word “no.” He would lose his temper whenever Princess Diana outshone or upstaged him. He reacts similarly when he’s upstaged by either of his sons or their wives.

His wife Camilla on the other hand, has always known how to emotionally, figuratively and literally walk one or two steps behind him.


The Sussex couple recently hired one of the most powerful public relations agencies (William Morris Endeavor) to rebrand “her” as a global figure. The Duchess of Sussex’s team members now include Endeavor’s CEO Ari Emanuel, as well as agents Brad Slater and Jill Smoller.

Just this week, the couple crafted a failed paparazzi event where they claimed being victims of a paparazzi car chase in Manhattan, New York. They claim the chase lasted two and a half hours (which is literally impossible in Manhattan unless you’re a Director filming a movie and pay for the permit months ahead of time). Multiple people including the mayor of NYC confronted the Sussex couple directly saying the tale is much too tall.

When one views Harry and Meghan’s Netflix video where they are in a car looking out the back window, they appear to spot photographers.

Meghan reminds Harry that there was a photographer in the lobby when they left whatever building they’d been in. The scene looks awkwardly and poorly rehearsed as there are no cars behind their car.

That last papparazzi chase video in the Netflix series had little activity. It is the reason Harry was using his phone throughout what he described as this week’s “catastrophic and dangerous car chase” around Manhattan. He had his camera out throuhout his entire car chase because he needed more exciting footage for Netflix and he was directing the driver to try to create the chaos he was complaining about.

Having spoken with the NYPD Information Officer, several points have been clarified…


  • That there were two papparazzi cars sometimes three, but never six or more. That none of them ever drove on the sidewalk. In fact, it was they who avoided collissions with the Sussex car.
  • That it is literally impossible for a car chase to last 2 & 1/2 hours in Manhattan.
  • That Harry, Meghan and her mother Doria cavalierly refused to wear their seat belts.
  • That it was Harry who had control of his driver and gave him driving instructions on turns, etc.
  • That when photographer’s approached the car, the occupants who had full control of their tinted windows rolled them down which allowed photographers to view Meghan and photograph her smiling most happily. Everyone even the two police officers that tried to give them a hand said she was in no distress whatsoever.
  • That it was Harry who directed his driver to pull in to the closest police station where he went inside demanding a police escort identifying himself and his wife as “global figures” having just left an award ceremony where Meghan was given an award at the Ziegfeld Ballroom on 54th Streeet in NYC.
  • That Harry told the desk sargeant that he had no faith in his driver’s ability to outrun or out maneuver the agressive papparazzi. The desk sargeant’s solution was to have two police officers escort tjem for an hour.
  • After driving throughout Manhattan for an hour Harry instructed his driver to return to the 19th Police Precint. Since they had already been rejected by the Carlisle when they demanded “complimentary suites” they huffed off and returned to the police station where the desk sargeant put them in a yellow cab.
  • The cab driver drove as the law allowed. He would not follow the silly instructions Harry and Meghan were giving him such as “turn left or go through the light.” Harry knew enough not to try to pressure the cab driver who was clearly an experienced, seasoned driver.
  • Harry asked the taxi driver to drive back to the police station where they had left their car because by then Harry’s friends had given him a place to stay on the upper east side.





The car chase drama had not been well thought out hence there were various exagerrations. Before the night was over, while still in the car, Harry managed to reach his publicist and had the publicist call Reuters to relay a story about how they were almost killed in a multi hour car chase instigated by the papparazzi.

The Sussex couple’s publicity decisions of late and their repeated wish to invoke the memory of Princess Diana’s death scene have negatively impacted the couple’s reputation. Instead of gaining sympathy they have been mocked the world over and have consequently weakened their brand.

The most logical speculation for this problem is the couple’s history for “requests” for armed security protection.

In 2023, Meghan, who is a known narcissist, self promoting and particularly unkind to support staff both in the UK and the US has alienated all her own relatives and friends.

And like a true abuser, she has now managed to isolate Harry away from his lifelong friends and family. Meghan has always demanded armed guards. The hypocrisy in that request comes from Harry’s speeches about American gun laws.

It is suspected by psychologists and strategists that Harry’s announcement that he had killed 25 al-Qae·da members is interpreted as another attempt to force his father in the UK and the American government to provide him with Taxpayer funded ’round the clock security.

When it comes to their own security however, Meghan is envious of the type of security her friends such as Beyonce, Oprah and Serena Williams have (and pay for).

When staying in a borrowed mansion in Canada, the owner turned out to be Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. She again asked for the type of protection afforded to the Obamas. The Canadian government would not supply it. They offered a skeleton crew and Meghan took immediate offense. She felt she deserved the kind of protection afforded to kings and world leaders. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to allow Canadian Taxpayers to fund the Sussex protection, the couple aburptly left Canada.

This week Meghan was given a Women of Vision Award which still baffles many. The award event was set up by their new Public Relations firm recently that were hired to re-brand her as a humanitarian global figure despite not ever having done a single thing for the disenfranchised or less fortunate other than to send her driver to offer homeless people some granola bars out of her back pack.

Harry and Meghan had their publicist contact Reuters News and say that they were being chased by paparazzi for two and a half hours in Manhattan (which is literally impossible).

The chase supposedly began when the couple left the Ziegfeld Ballroom located at 141 W 54TH STREET (dead center of Manhattan). I know this theater well after having covered several events at that venue. The chase was widely reported in the media, and it drew attention to the couple’s struggles with the media and the public (events they themselves have created).
Not known for making the soundest decisions related to “appearances,” back in 2020 when they were in Canada, the Sussex couple wound up in Russian born Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner’s mansion (bad optics).

They applied to Canada’s Department of Global Affairs asking them to instruct (order) the RCMP to provide them with armed police officers on a 24/7 basis. The RCMP provided protection in November of 2020 but Prime Minister Trudeau stated publicly that the Canadian Taxpayers would not be paying for the Sussex’ security. Meghan abruptly changed plans – left Canada and went to California.

Their application for protection in Canada stated that they are deserving of this level of security because they are “World Figures.” They wanted the Canadian Taxpayers to pay for the kind of security given to former Presidents such as the Obamas where all members of the family have armed Secret Service Agents accompany every member of the family whether they’re traveling to throughout the United States or traveling overseas individually or as a group.

Meghan is demanding that King Charles III pay for the highest level of security possible by using the grandchildren’s safety as blackmail. She has told King Charles that she doesn’t see why he can’t just pay for the protection she wants from the Duchy account. As for this week’s car chase in Manhattan, Harry and Meghan both excited the driver and yelled at him repeatedly saying “Go faster, faster. Watch out on your right – watch out on your left.”

The couple were trying to create atleast a fender bender by instructing the driver on what turns they wanted him to make. Unless they had him sign an NDA, it will become clear that this was similar to a Jussie Smollett event.

This couple are so unfamiliar with photographty laws from one country to another, that after they realized people were not believing their catastrophic paparazzi race story, they “commanded” that all photographers that had obtained any photos of their arrival or exit from the Zegfield (when they rolled down their windows), return the photographs to Harry immediately as though they were a king and queen commanding their loyal subjects. They would be offensive if they weren’t so laughable.


Back in January 2023, Prince Harry was involved in a car accident in New York City. The accident occurred when Harry’s car was rear-ended by another vehicle. Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were not injured in the accident. However, the incident sparked a debate about whether Harry should be entitled to taxpayer-funded security while living in the United States.

He did not care whether the armed body guards were paid for by his father, UK Taxpayers or US Taxpayers. Secret Service was asked to provide armed agents on a 24/7 basis to protect Harry and Meghan as though they were world leaders or a former presidential family.


Harry had previously argued that he needed security in the United States because he was still a member of the British royal family. However, the British government had refused to provide him with security, arguing that he was no longer a working royal and that he was therefore responsible for his own security (which he can easily afford).

In the wake of the car accident, Harry’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against the British government, arguing that the government’s decision to deny him security was a breach of his human rights. However, a London court judge ruled against Harry, stating that the government’s decision was lawful.

The court’s ruling was a major blow to Harry, who had hoped to use the lawsuit to force the government to provide him with security. The ruling also raised questions about Harry’s judgment and his willingness to put his own safety at risk.

In the aftermath of the ruling, Harry and Meghan announced that they would be stepping back from their royal duties and moving to North America. The couple said that they wanted to be financially independent, have privacy and wished to raise their children away from the media spotlight.

Harry’s car accident and the subsequent lawsuit have cast a shadow over his reputation. Some people have accused him of being entitled and of trying to take advantage of his royal status. Others have defended him, saying that he is simply trying to protect his family.

Only time will tell how Harry’s car accident will affect his future. However, it is clear that the incident has been a major setback for him.

In addition to the embarrassment of the court ruling, Harry was also criticized for his behavior in the aftermath of the accident. He was seen and heard in his limo screaming, “I’ve got footage.” He and Meghan’s mother repeatedly lowered the windows so that Meghan could be filmed smiling in the car. And neither Harry, Meghan, nor Doria wore seatbelts.


Eye witnesses report that once leaving the Zegfield Ballroom located at 141 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, they drove to the Carliesle Hotel located at 35 E 76th St, New York, NY 10021.

Two (2) police officers were paid to escort the couple’s car for one (1) hour. Multiple witnesses report seeing nocatastrophic events.

However, Harry was seen and heard ordering his driver, whom was driving east on 57th street to pull into the 8th Avenue intersection and to stop their car in the center of the lanes of cars driving in the opposite direction.

This foolish decision on Harry’s part created an inconvenience but not a catastrophe. This information came from multiple eye witnesses whom do not work for any photographic agencies, marketing agencies nor do they even know one another..

Harry’s behavior was seen by many as reckless, thoughtless and irresponsible.

It also raised questions about his priorities. Was he more concerned with creating a fender bender to get footage of a staged fender bender accident for his own Netflix footage or was he concerned with the safety of his wife and mother-in-law?


Harry and Meghan seem unaware that once in public, there is no expectation of privacy. The videos and still images taken of this event could only humiliate them and brand them liars.

If is best that they let this event die down because the public will forget and forgive it.

Later on throughout the week, Harry ordered the photographers to submit any still images or video taken of the couple during the ordeal to himself or his attorneys. Many found the event entertaining because the couple have no extraordinary or superior legal privileges.

Here in the United States, once a person is out in the public, if photographed, there is no expectation of privacy for anyone.

The manner in which the couple spoke was as though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex forgot who and where they were.

There was no car accident, yet due to the couple’s own exagerration the subsequent events have damaged Harry and Meghan’s reputation significantly and have called his judgment into question. It remains to be seen how Harry will recover from this setback.

In one of two cases in London courts involving the prince’s armed guard security requests, the High Court in London rejected Harry’s request for a judicial review of a decision made against his rquest by the Home Office.

The Home Office firmly rejected Harry’s application to pay privately for protection from the Metropolitan Police when he and his family visit Britain and the High Court firmly backed that ruling.

It was openly discussed at the NYC event at the 57th Street and 8th Avenue location by several witnesses that this attempt to create a fender bender may have been a result of Harry trying to create a car accident to force King Charles III to pay for the level of security that Harry and Meghan desire.
The Sussex’ friends Oprah, Beyonce and Serena Williams all pay for high levels of personal security. Harry does not find that level of security adequate. He additionally wants daily military Intel information delivered to him as is provided to World leaders where all costs are carried by Taxpayers.

No one knows the mega millions spent by the United Kingdom on security because the UK government refuse to respond to requests.

This argument makes it clear now how ridiculous and expensive the monarchy is. Consider that Prince Andrew, after his debacle with Jeffrey Epstein still has 24/7 armed guards protecting him since birth, paid for by British Taxpayers.