Hugh Jackman portraying Gary Hart was excellent casting. Also, this movie is very timely. It got me thinking about then and now. Now, in 2018, while in this #MeToo era, would Gary Hart, a Yale graduate, a prominent Attorney, a Senator, be judged as harshly as he was then in 1987, or would his perceived indiscretions be forgiven?


The Foreigner is about a Chinese restaurant owner whose teenage daughter was killed in a politically-motivated bomb attack in London. When he finds out that IRA terrorists are responsible, he goes to a former IRA member, now a British government official, to find out the identities of the elusive killers. Plot twists and violence make this film exciting and engaging.

Special Report: The Americana Music Fest

Only Nashville could host an extraordinary event like the Americana Music Festival and Conference. Austin has South By Southwest (simply abbreviated to “South By” by its many veterans... and here in Nashville you do run into quite a few), and New York and L.A. have a monopoly on practically everything else. Yet when you’re talking Americana, you’re talking country, blues, Gospel and R&B, where else can you host an event that gives such nods to tradition?