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Ruthie DiTucci

Entertainers undoubtedly have a profound influence on society, but it’s also true that societal functions persist regardless of their geographical location. For instance, Tina Turner’s relocation to Europe led to a larger impact on the music industry than anyone could have anticipated.

In today’s world, technology enables entertainers to have a global career. This means they can reside anywhere and still make a significant international impact. However, it’s crucial to remember that the United States will continue to operate irrespective of their presence.

Entertainers enrich our lives with entertainment, humor, and happiness. They have the ability to inspire, educate, and unite people. Yet, it’s essential to acknowledge that they are not the sole contributors to society.

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Professionals such as teachers, healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, law enforcement professionals and other licensed individuals play a pivotal role in maintaining public health, enforcing the law, and ensuring the smooth functioning of society. Their contributions are invaluable, and their dedication and hard work deserve our gratitude.

The decision of some entertainers to threaten to leave the United States if a certain political outcome occurs seems ill-timed, especially considering the emerging capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. AI has the potential to replace actors and actresses on stage and screen, and even recreate voices in the music industry that surpass human performance.

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Sometimes, silence can be the most effective way to promote a cause, particularly for entertainers considering leaving the country based on political outcomes. It’s likely that many Americans, myself included, wouldn’t notice a significant difference if certain entertainers, such as Robert DeNiro, Whoopi Goldberg, Beyonce, and others, decided to leave.

Given the advancements in AI, it may not be the best strategy for entertainers to threaten fans with departure based on voting results. This is particularly true now that AI has demonstrated the ability to recreate voices that exceed the quality of renowned singers like Whitney Houston.

An Artificial Intelligence system was brought into an art museum full of paintings and it was able to recreate every single painting and objet d’art on the walls, as well as recreate artwork and artifacts in the display cases to absolute satisfaction and perfection.

And while I enjoy listening to contemporary artists like Michael Buble, I also appreciate the timeless classics sung by Frank Sinatra. Similarly, while I appreciate today’s actors and actresses, I recognize the talent of previous generations in cinema as well.

Entertainers may want to reconsider their threats to leave the United States because after just experiencing the SAG-AFTRA Strike and world recognition and acceptance that Artificial Intelligence can easily replace every single actor, actress, singer and any kind of entertainer flawlessly, timing is just not on their side!