Haiti’s President Murdered: A Web of Intrigue Unraveled

Stock Photo ID: 1071347144 - Miramar, Florida/USA - April 15, 2018: Haitian President Jovenel Moïse on stage at the Miramar Cultural Center. He spoke to a capacity audience about Haiti's progress during his first year in office.

By Kneeland O’Shauhnessy

Port-au-Prince, Haiti — In a shocking turn of events, the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has thrust Haiti into a vortex of political turmoil and suspicion. The Caribbean nation, already grappling with violence, economic crises, and natural disasters, now confronts a web of intrigue that implicates high-ranking officials.

The Indictments

A determined judge, leading the investigation, has charged some fifty individuals, including the late president’s widow, Martine Moïse, the former Prime Minister Claude Joseph, and the former chief of Haiti’s National Police, Léon Charles12. These indictments paint a chilling picture of betrayal and power struggles within the nation’s corridors of authority. The 51 people named in the Indictment are:

1) Victor Albeiro Pineda CARDONA
2) Alejandro Giraldo ZAPATA ;
3) Manuel Antonio GROSO GUARIN ;
4) Jhon Jairo Ramirez GOMEZ ;
5) Jhon Jader ANDELA,
6) Neil Caceres DURAN,
7) Francisco Eladio Uribe OCHOA ;
8) Alex Miyer PEŇA ;
9) Jheyner Alberto Carmona FLORES ;
10) Enalber Vargas GOMEZ ;
11) Angel Mario Yarce SIERRA ;
12) Naiser Franco CASTAŇEDA ;
13) John Jairo SUARES ALEGRIA, ;
14) Carlos Giovanni Guerrero TORRES ;
15) Edwin Enrique Blanquicet RODRIGUEZ ;
16) Juan Carlos Yepes CLAVIJO ;
17) Gersain Mendivelso JAIMES ;

18) Christian Emmanuel SANON,
19) Joseph VINCENT ;
20) James SOLAGE ;
21) Jean Laguel CIVIL ;
22) Joseph Félix BADIO ;
23) Dimitri HERARD ;
24) Léon CHARLES ;
25) Claude JOSEPH ;
26) Jacques SINCÈRE ;
27) Marie Étienne Martine Joseph MOЇSE ;
28) Renald LUBERICE ;
29) Ardouin ZÉPHIRIN ;
30) Louis Edner Gonzague DAY ;
31) Francis CINÉUS ;
32) Miradieu FAUSTIN ;
33) Ashkard-Joseph PIERRE ;
34) Jeantel JOSEPH ;

35) Gordon Phénil DÉSIR ;
36) Emmanuel LOUIS ;
37) Bony GRÉGOIRE ;
38) Hubert JEANTY ;
39) Marky KESSA ;
40) William MOЇSE ;
41) Clifton HYPPOLITE ;
43) Rony FRANÇOIS ;
44) Ronald GUERRIER ;
45) Cléantis LOUISSAINT ;
46) Sadrac ALPHONSE ;
47) Ernst GERMAIN ;
48) Jude LAURENT ;
49) Frantz LOUIS ;
50) Faneck DELICAT ;
51) Arly JEAN.

This historical interview is now part of the indictment as she has been indicted in her husband’s murder

The Gruesome Night

On the fateful night of July 7, 2021, President Moïse was brutally gunned down inside his private residence in the Pelerin 5 neighborhood, overlooking Port-au-Prince. His body bore the scars of twelve bullets, with wounds to his forehead, torso, and a gouged-out left eye. Bones in his arm and ankle were broken, leaving him lifeless on the blood-soaked floor. The first lady, Martine Moïse, miraculously survived the attack3.

The Mercenaries and Their Motives

Investigations reveal a shadowy group of mercenaries, predominantly Colombian, as the perpetrators. Two Haitian Americans, hired as interpreters, unwittingly found themselves embroiled in the conspiracy. Their arrest warrants turned out to be instruments of death, not justice. The suspects’ backgrounds—former soldiers, battle-hardened—hint at a sinister plot. But the true motives remain shrouded in secrecy, leaving the nation in shock and disbelief3.

The Nation Holds Its Breath

As Haiti grapples with grief and uncertainty, the world watches. The widow, the ex-Prime Minister, and the former police chief stand accused. The courtroom drama unfolds, revealing layers of betrayal, ambition, and desperation. The fate of a nation hangs in the balance, and justice teeters on the precipice. Haiti’s resilience will be tested, and its people yearn for answers in this gripping saga of power, treachery, and tragedy12.

Note: This news story is based on factual events and ongoing investigations. The truth may yet reveal more startling revelations.