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The public has been entertained with the competition that has developed between the reigning couple “King Charles and Queen Camilla” in London and the competitors, “The Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle.”

The public does not realize where, when or how the competitive standoff began, why it continues and what has to happen to end the discord.

The difference of opinion between the two couples grew out of what seemed a mere difference of social considerations and age culture. But as time passed, it became apparent that the supposed “privacy” issue was unfounded and not at all Prince Harry and his wife’s goal.

Unless the very healthy and highly protected Prince William and all three of his offspring disappear…

Prince Harry will never be King.

She is not satisfied with the security his low position in line to the throne provides her because to her, security is not a safety issue. To Meghan Markle – security is a matter of “celebrity and financial status.” In Hollywood, “whose security crew has the biggest guns – means – who has more clout.”

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To a man about town, that level of security means very little but to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – that level of security is equivalent to “celebrity status” and that’s what they need to have in order to feed their lucrative media partners (Spotify and NetFLIX).

The protection Meghan is demanding are referred to as “Billion Dollar Bodyguards”.

Markle feels short-changed because her friend Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian have decoy cars that suggest they are in a certain vehicle in a certain part of town when in fact, quite often, they were already on the tarmac boarding their private jet (and likely left an hour earlier).

Revenge Meghan Harry AND the War Between the Windsors

In the case of Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z, not only do their guards carry lethal weapons but the couple only ride in bomb-proof cars. In the case of Oprah Winfrey and her boyfriend Stedman Graham, their security actually costs more than that of former President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s security detail. They will have a Secret Service Security Detail for the rest of their lives .

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Oprah has a minimum of 15 armed guards at all times. She doesn’t even enter a restaurant unless her security team has completed a thorough electronic sweep and several other highly confidential protection activities are undertaken before she even shows up to the venue.

The difference between Oprah and the Obama’s security detail is that Oprah pays for her own security detail whereas the Obama’s security detail is provided by Secret Service and fully paid for by the American taxpayer.

Harry and Meghan thought that by having the King bestow their children Archie and Lilibet with “royal titles” that this in of itself, would justify the four of them being entitled to the level of security Hollywood celebrities and politicians are afforded.

In Canada, the couple were advised that the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau politely rejected their security requirements, and that Canada certainly was NOT going to provide for their safety.

Flying into Montecito, California, the United States Department of State Dignitary Protection Bureau of Diplomatic Security “were informed” that the Duke and Duchess were flying into Montecito” but day-to-day protection was not given or even offered as they had already resigned from the Royal Family, otherwise referred to as “The Firm”. They did not qualify as representatives of any VIP organization, government or entity.

Harry and Meghan’s titles are complimentary at best and have no legal or political currency or influence. Their titles’ only helps them within the celebrity circuit in Hollywood. That is why selling their titles for cash was financially brilliant but politically and woefully dangerous.

On many occasions, legal observers have noticed that the couple are not the least interested in carrying on their lives in peace or privacy in Montecito, California, London, England or anywhere they have visited.

Prince Harry and the actress really want what King Edward and Wallis Simpson always longed for: A competitive, parallel monarchy to compete with King Charles and Queen Camilla.

And to add to Harry and Meghan’s irritation, it was not Harry’s father, King Charles III’s idea to drop the “consort” name from his wife Camilla’s title. Dropping the “consort” word was requested by Queen Elizabeth II herself, before she passed away. It was she who asked the public to refer to Camilla as “The Queen.”

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Harry has been very clear that he carries a great deal of anger towards Camilla Parker Bowles, who served as his father’s lifelong mistress.

He is still livid that Queen Camilla (or “that woman” as he refers to her) wound up receiving all the regal and financial benefits expected to have been lavished upon his mother, Princess Diana.

In fact, when Princess Diana mourned the loss of “Her Royal Highness” title as a result of her divorce from Prince Charles (now King Charles), the young Prince William consoled his mother by saying “Don’t worry mummy, I will give it back to you when I’m King.”

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When Prince William and Princess Katherine flew into the Los Angeles International Airport on July 8, 2011, a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) was assigned to look after their protection every moment they were in the United States. The couple have always been active working members of the British royal family and were representing the Monarchy of the United Kingdom. That “status” justified the level of security they were given by the United States Department of State.

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When Prince Harry told his father that he was going to ask Meghan Markle to marry him, the King made sure to advise Harry that she would not be enrolled into the royal family’s payroll. Details of this incident are found in the book OUR KING by Robert Jobson (Click Image). Harry’s rage is extraordinary and palpable.


Meghan has demanded armed protection carrying live rounds since the couple began dating. She does not just want to be surrounded by men and women wearing police uniforms. She wants men and women dressed as armed guards carrying live ammunition in their weapons.

It was not surprising that when all their attempts at getting the highest possible security protection provided and paid for by whatever government ruled wherever they were visiting failed, that Harry (and likely Meghan) came up with the brilliant idea of publishing a boast about Harry having killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan in his book SPARE.

YouTube: Harry Windos brags about killing Taliban referring to them as “chess pieces” on a game board.

That was not just a serviceman’s brag their Childrens’ armed security. Having left the British royal family and having lost their standing as full-time working royals made the cost unjustifiable to British taxpayers.

Harry’s poorly thought out decision came after his father, King Charles III had told him to use the inheritance he had received from his mother Princess Diana, to pay for the level of security that Meghan wanted.

It is more likely that Harry was forcing his father’s hand to obtain the level of security Meghan and Harry wanted (but did not want to pay for) by publishing such a dangerous statement in SPARE. The move has horrifically backfired.

Image: Shutterstock Licensed to SyndicatedNews
Image: Shutterstock Licensed to SyndicatedNews

Harry can easily afford security but the level of security that Meghan wants is the level of security the Obamas have (and Meghan wants it for herself and her children for life). Meghan wants the highest level of security available and she wants the American taxpayer to foot the bill – hence she wants to go into politics where she will be able to demand protection where ever she goes.

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Prince Harry and his wife were not yet born when King Edward III and his wife Wallis Simpson attempted to set up a parallel monarchy to Queen Elizabeth II’s in Bois du Boulogne, France just like Harry and Meghan have tried to set up in Montecito, California.

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King Charles III loves both his sons and of course, wants them both at his coronation. What he fails to see is that his redheaded boy has grown up to be a furious man that hates his step-mother (Queen Camilla).

Harry showed up unannounced to the media phone hacking case in a London court when he wasn’t even required there. And while showing up in a taxi – he still wound up on the front page!

Harry’s invitation to the coronation was not rescinded but he wasn’t treated well when he showed up either.

The Duke of Sussex, his American actress wife and their children are not as important as they perceive themselves to be.

If the Sussex couple are not UNINVITED to the coronation, they will misinterpret the day as an invitation to go to London, disrupt the proceedings and take center stage. They need that to happen in order to establish themselves as the reigning couple – above and beyond King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Harry may not have his title stripped but he’s already announced that he has withdrawn his lawsuit against The Daily Mail.

the Daily Mail, which is published by Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL). The lawsuit was about an article that the Daily Mail published in February 2022, which claimed that Prince Harry tried to hide his efforts to retain publicly funded security in the UK after stepping back from his royal duties.

Prince Harry argued that the article was libelous and damaged his reputation, but the judge ruled that the newspaper had a real prospect of showing that the article was an honest opinion and did not cause serious harm to his reputation. 

Prince Harry dropped the lawsuit on Friday, January 19, 2024, the day he was due to hand over documents in the case.

For pulling out – Prince Harry now has to pay the newspaper’s legal fees, which are estimated to be around 250,000 pounds ($316,000).