Image Source Shutterstock Licensed to SyndicatedNews. Queen Charles and Queen Camilla.

The argument between King Charles III, his wife Queen Camilla and Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle is little more than a family squabble but it is an important squabble because it is a “power standoff” between King Charles III and his son, Prince Harry. It’s the kind of squabble that will wind up in the history books.

Meghan Markle wants armed guards with real rounds in their weapons.

Image Source Shutterstock licensed to SyndicatedNews. Harry and his wife have embarked on a campaign to teach the public that their “social stature” is equal to that of his father, King Charles III and the King’s wife Queen Camilla.

There is little doubt that the Sussex couple’s situation is strikingly similar to the events surrounding December 1936 when King Edward VIII abdicated because he so loved his mistress Wallis Simpson, that he gave up the crown versus reigning without her.

The Sussex couple have displayed their interest in establishing a dual, competing monarchy in the United States. They are going head-to-head with King Charles III.

On April 27, 2023 People Magazine reported that Meghan Markle had signed up with one of the most prestigious Public Relations agencies in the world – William Morris Endeavor (the same agency that represents Serena Williams, the champion tennis player).

Image Source: Shutterstock licensed to SyndicatedNews: Serena Williams and husband, Alexis Ohanian, REDDIT Founder. They are both extremely wealthy and buy top level personal security financed by their successful businesses.

Perceived Entitlement

The King Charles III versus Prince Harry family squabble further includes the intrigue of sibling rivalry since Prince William has always been heir to the throne and Prince Harry has always been the mere “number two.” Harry carries a deep rooted jealousy and resentment for his older brother. Additionally, what Harry Windsor says does not match his body language.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly demanded armed security guards for themselves and their children no matter where they live or where their travels take them. They have also demanded access to governmental intelligence data (as is offered to Kings, Queens, Ambassadors, heads of state and world leaders). These demands are unfair and hypocritical.

Do what I say but not what I do

First, it is unfair to expect taxpayers to foot the bill for the security of a few wealthy individuals. There are many other people who are just as vulnerable to threats, but they do not have the same resources to protect themselves. It is unfair to ask taxpayers to pay for the security of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who can pay for their own security when there are so many other people who truly need protection.

Second, it is hypocritical for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to demand armed security guards when they have spoken out against gun violence. In 2018, Prince Harry gave a speech in which he said that he was “appalled” by the number of gun deaths in the United States. He said that “we need to do more to protect our children from this epidemic of violence.”

Plainly put, the Sussex Couple detest armed weaponry, unless of course it is meant for the protection of themselves and their children. While in Canada, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation reported that while the Canadian taxpayers were paying for the couple’s security during November of 2020, that Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau would not authorize ongoing payment for the couple’s security and ended the subsidy soon after. The couple abruptly left Canada once their free RMPC protection was withdrawn.

The standoff between King Charles and Prince Harry along with Meghan Markle is that the Sussex couple demand armed security whether they are in the USA or traveling overseas. They are also demanding access to Governmental Intel Data as though they were world leaders. They would also prefer for the host countries they visit – to pay for their security needs.

To provide the couple with this type of free assistance simply because Harry Windsor was born into the British Royal Family and Meghan Markle, an actress would set a very bad financial precedent. It would mean that hard working every day people would be financially subsidizing specific, “hand chosen” celebrities and their families simply because they are rich and famous when they give absolutely nothing to society other than helping promote fashion designers by wearing their apparel.

Leaving the crown? Pay your own way

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer working members of the British royal family, and they have chosen to live in the United States. As such, they should be responsible for their own security and intelligence needs. If they feel that they need armed guards, they should pay for those services themselves. And, if they need access to government intelligence data, they should apply for and pay for it themselves just like anyone else.

It is important to remember that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not the only people in need of security. There are many other people who are just as vulnerable to threats, but they do not have the same resources to protect themselves.