Patrick Colville as a teenager when Father Dux began to assault him.

Patrick Colville’s family moved him and his 11 siblings from Virginia to Gainesville, Florida in 1975 when he was only 13 years old. Devout Catholics, the family attended St. Patrick’s parish in Gainesville, Florida where the teen met Fr. John Dux (a prolific sexual predator).

Father John Dux groomed Patrick and his family and in January of 1976, Father Dux took the teenager to the Tampa state fair, booked a motel room where he brutally raped the boy. Patrick kept screaming “stop,” but the priest continued the assault.

The terrified teen locked himself in the bathroom and slept in the shower. He asked the priest, “Aren’t you a man of God?”, Father Dux answered, “I’m only not supposed to have sex with women.”

The day after Patrick Colville was raped meant that the traumatized teen had to endure a long, silent ride home. That silence would affect Patrick Colville’s sense-of-self for the rest of his life.

Patrick Colville as a teen

A SyndicatedNews reporter spoke to Patrick Colville on April 12, 2023 and he told SyndicatedNews ( that he will help in every way he can to prevent that horrible era from repeating itself.

Just a few years ago, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted a thorough investigation that proved that the hardest obstacle faced by the sexually abused children (now adults) is the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS.

Father Dux was so audacious and intertwined into the Colville family that he officiated in Patrick’s sister’s wedding.

Father John Dux officiating at Patrick’s sister’s wedding

Politicians and the Florida Legislature

Michael Gottlieb and Lauren Book-Spencer sponsored Senate Bill 948 in the Senate and House Bill 23 in Congress. Neither bill passed back then but with today’s current political climate, it will likely pass this time around. Here is the original bill:

They co-sponsored the “LOOK BACK LAW” for the State of Florida in the past and they both promised Patrick Colville that the bill would get “voted on”. The bill never even got to a vote!

Michael Gottlieb
Lauren Book Spencer

While the bills did not go through when originally introduced, the LOOK BACK LAW was well received in New York. The bill is expected to pass when “revived” in the State of Florida.

FDLE and Florida Prosecutor’s Report


Ariel Castro held three teenagers hostage in his Cleveland, Ohio home. Once the girls were freed and he subsequently committed suicide in jail, the house was torn down. The Cleveland, Ohio political leaders knew enough that to leave the house up was a constant remind for the community and the victims and their families.

Winter Park, Florida should not be reviving the 1925 Killarney Drive property to continue affronting the very victims that lost their innocence on that property (some of whom still live in Winter Park). If anything, the Kiwanis should build a house on the property and sell it or do nothing at all. But it is highly painful for the property’s victims to watch as another generation of children are fund raising on the property for the purposes of collecting funds to re-establish a Cub Scout House at the site.

Eugene Rosenquest, a victim of sexual abuse himself, who now runs the Florida Survivors Network of Those Abused By Priests [SNAP] is keeping a close watch on this case. 

Attorney General’s Report on
Child Abuse in Baltimore Archdiocese