Image Source: LinkedIn and The U.S. Department of Justice

By Ruth DiTucci

Image Source: Homeland Security – Segovia was so brazen she used the Police Department’s Official USPS Account

Police Officer’s Union Exec imported FENTANYL from Hong Kong, Hungary, Canada, India, Spain & Singapore – from Police Union Office as well as home!

How can society control the sale of fentanyl when professional law enforcement employees are importing and distributing it directly from their Law Enforcement Office locations? That’s a discussion being held by federal and state police authorities around the world.


The Centers for Disease Control (the CDC) explain that pharmaceutical fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, approved for treating severe pain, typically advanced cancer pain. It is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine.

Fentanyl is prescribed in the form of transdermal patches or lozenges and can be diverted for misuse and abuse in the United States.  Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid originally developed as an analgesic – or painkiller – meant to be used for surgery.

Drug dealers have moved from heroin to fentanyl

Drug dealers are “doing the math.” Fentanyl is strong and cheap to produce, illegal drug manufacturers now use fentanyl to strengthen their drugs. Street drugs are now stronger than ever and are less expensive to make. It costs far less to make fentanyl than to make any other drug.

Federal Prosecutors have good reason to believe that Segovia was importing Fentanyl. The criminal complaint prosecutors released provides details about how Joanne Marian Segovia received 61 drug shipments to her San Jose home address from Hong Kong, Hungary, India and Singapore. She then distributed the fentanyl by mail to other states. She’s been under investigation for 10 years!

The emboldened Segovia, after being questioned by police about the possibility that she might be involved in the purchase or sale of drugs – did not stop the activity – she just stopped buying Fentanyl from India and started importing it from China!

It is impossible to know, without very serious independent investigation, how many co-workers may have been involved in the drug distribution scheme operated by Joanne Marian Segovia at the San Jose Police Union Office and/or for how long. If not involved first hand, then to at the very least, help by looking the other way.

Segovia’s activities went undetected for two decades. Working at the same office for 20 years suggests that she must have had inside help in order to accomplices her operation and keep it hidden from her colleagues and superiors.

The revelation that one of their own has been involved in a drug trafficking operation is undoubtedly a source of great embarrassment for San Jose Police Chief Anthony Matta, Mayor Matt Mahan and even Nanci Klein of San Jose’s Department of Economic Development because if given a choice – why would any entity invest in San Jose, California with this news release or possibly open a business in San Jose in the future?

To have a Top Level Executive be discovered importing Fentanyl from multiple countries for re-distribution throughout the United States must be a severe blow to the San Jose Police Union’s reputation as upholders of the law and protectors of the community.

Joanne Marian Segovia is facing serious criminal charges for her drug distribution scheme, including conspiracy to distribute fentanyl and other controlled substances, as well as possession with intent to distribute. If found guilty, she could face a lengthy prison sentence and significant fines.

To avoid similar criminal behavior in the future, it is essential to have strong deterrents in place. One way to achieve this is to increase the penalties for drug trafficking and distribution. Tougher sentences could act as a deterrent for those who might be tempted to engage in these activities.

There is no question that a top-to-bottom, completely Independent Federal Investigation must be conducted of San Jose, California’s entire governmental offices.

This drug business did not go unnoticed for such an extended period of time. The San Jose, California Police Union Office drug business went unreported. This point is a further source of shame for San Jose, California’s government leaders. And, judging from the Criminal Information Document, she was foolish enough to send photographs of her cash payments that included her own police department business cards so she is not that bright.

Another important measure needed is to increase transparency and oversight throughout all of San Jose, California law enforcement agencies.

This can be achieved by conducting regular audits of their operations and implementing strict protocols for reporting any suspicious behavior. Additionally, agencies should have a zero-tolerance policy for any criminal activity by their employees and should take immediate action if any such activity is discovered..

Segovia is facing serious criminal charges, and it is crucial to have strong deterrents in place to prevent similar criminal behavior in the future. Increasing transparency and oversight, implementing strict reporting protocols, and having a zero-tolerance policy are all essential measures that will help to prevent this kind of criminal activity in the future.

The Department of Justice is going back to investigating police departments. The first will be Minneapolis, Minnesota and Louisville, Kentucky. San Jose, California is definitely on the list.

In one screenshot she took (herself) in order to prove to a customer that she had in fact put a shipment of drugs in the mail. Segovia carelessly included the image of her San Jose Police Department issued business cards in the photograph.

The amount of fentanyl in illegal drugs as well as counterfeit pills is completely random—even from the same supply. This is one of the reasons why so many overdose from its use.

Read the Vital Statistics showing Fentanyl Deaths

Segovia became so audacious that on Social Media her twitter name is the Police Lady. @poaladyjo

And for the many law enforcement officers and other friends and relatives now embarrassed to be seen in pictures related to Joanne Marian Segovia, you should know that it has already been decided in a court of law that anyone who posts anything on Facebook should have no expectation of privacy. None whatsoever – here is the judge’s ruling below.