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Kanye West knows little about fashion yet he wrapped models in gauze and few objected. He has never enjoyed an education yet he established a school and few objected. This is what happens when an artist thinks he or she has the midas touch. Everything Kanye touches is not successful. Read this lawsuit below and form your own conclusions.

According to a lawsuit filed by two former teachers at Donda Academy, the school allegedly violated multiple Department of Education requirements and did not follow state regulations1The teachers claimed that the school was not following state regulations for students in need of educational services, extra testing or individualized learning plans2The school also allegedly did not have any wastepaper baskets and no safety initiatives3The students were forced to stay on the first floor of the building because Kanye West is afraid of the stairs4The school only served sushi for lunch3 and had no chairs4.

According to a lawsuit filed by two former teachers (and more teachers join it all the time) at Donda Academy, the school allegedly violated multiple Department of Education requirements and did not follow state regulations. The teachers also claimed that the school only served sushi1

Another teacher who is suing Kanye West and his private school claims that students are “at least two years” behind and that they should “get out now.”2

In addition, Donda Academy has been facing controversy following the rapper’s antisemitic comments. The school announced that it would close for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year3Furthermore, staff members have quit and parents have slammed the school4.

45 year old Kanye West has had very unpopular ideas on personal and business fronts. He has divorced Kim Kardashian with whom he has four children and has married a former employee, 27 year old Bianca Censori. Her wrapping her head up is his idea.

Kanye West’s mother, Donda West was a well respected educator. Click her image below to proceed to Wikipedia where you’ll find her biography and a chronology of her successful academic life. She was a very serious and accomplished educator. Sadly, according to her autopsy, she suffered from high blood pressure and heart disease and was a poor candidate for plastic surgery. Several plastic surgeons turned her down and would not agree to perform the vanity surgery she requested due to her poor health.

She found the plastic surgeon to the stars who hosted his own show THE OTHER SIDE which aired from 2001-2003. The show hosts were Mario Lopez, Dick Clark (R.I.P), Danny Bonaduce and Dr. Jans Adams himself.

Everyone tends to point the finger elsewhere when a tragedy occurs, most especially when the tragedy was avoidable and the decision was based in pure vanity. Dr. Adams performed the surgery on November 9, 2007 and she died the following day.

Donda was ordered by Dr. Adams to report to a post operative surgical recovery rehab facility. She refused and left the hospital against hospital orders. Donda West told Dr. Adams that she was going home to be cared for by her nephew (a registered nurse with a PhD in public health). And while Donda and her nephew shared several emails about her procedure, etc. He did not commit to being her caretaker. She is the one that would not follow her surgeon’s instructions counting on her nephew to take care of her when he had made no such commitment.

Needless to say, Kanye and his cousin Stephen Scoggins, circled the wagons and played “the blame game.” Images below: (Left) Stephen Scoggins, R.N. and has a PhD in Public Health. (Right) Dr. Jans Adams, plastic surgeon had his own TV show and the accusations against him brought him to drinking and driving which is how he lost his medical license.