Introducing Marni Morris, creator of The Third Alternative

“I am passionate about energy healing, but this wasn’t always the case. Like many of us, I grew up with conventional medicine. But when I came across energy healing when I took time off from work to discover what my life’s purpose might be, its approach resonated with me far more than the more standard approach I had been accustomed to. I dove in to learn all I could.

Energy healing looks at underlying cause rather than symptoms; recognizes that many of our illnesses are caused by stuck energy, such as unprocessed emotions that get trapped in the body; and is based upon the latest science of quantum physics. In addition to extensive reading, I learned Light Body Alignment from its creator, Barry Auchettl; this approach uses muscle testing to identify sabotages in a person’s life, and then energetically clears them.

I am also a student of Gary Craig’s High End Training for Optimal EFT, which activates our inner healer via the “Unseen Therapist,” the ultimate Divine healing power. By bringing peace to past specific events that are contributing to ailments or unrest, OEFT can bring peace to a person’s system, often alleviating the ailment.

As I learned and practiced on family and friends (both distance healing and in person) I got encouraging results, positive feedback and a few referrals. With these methods, some people can feel the shift in energy and many people feel lighter or more at ease. A couple of people even reported a positive change in their life right after a session. Now my greatest wish is to:

  • share all the resources that helped me on my own journey of personal growth, many of which I’ve included in the book I am writing, The Third Alternative – coming soon;
  • provide energy healing to identify and release limiting beliefs;
  • inspire people to return to their natural state of well-being – peace, love & joy.”

Free 20 minute consultation

First session $90

Subsequent sessions: $108

Please contact me directly at: [email protected]