Compassion for Feinstein…

WASHINGTON, DC, USA - U. S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) when she was healthy, young and strong during confirmation hearing, U. S. Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts.

The 89 year old trembled in her wheelchair while asking, “where am I going…”

Ruthie DiTucci

May-December relationships?

In 1994, Anna Nicole Smith, then 26 years old, married J. Howard Marshall. The wheelchair bound oil tycoon was 89 years of age. It was clear that the elderly gentleman was being exploited and once the groom died, his son rightfully went to court and attempted to end the comical pair’s marriage. The trial outlasted both the groom’s son and the bride as both combatants died before the case ended.

American society tends to overlook May-December relationships because it is titillating to wonder about. Do they actually do it? How do they do it? Who’s on top?

Above Image Source: Shutterstock licensed to SyndicatedNews. Taken Feb 14, 2005; Los Angeles, CA: Actress/model ANNA NICOLE SMITH at the world premiere of Be Cool, at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood.

As a society, we were all entertained by the spectacle that was Smith and Marshall but the reality was and still is today, that a senior citizen was being abused in every sense of the word. His son should not even have had to go to court. The groom’s clear physical deterioration of body and mind should have allowed the geriatric’s son and family to have the marriage annulled immediately without having to pay millions in legal fees.

Calls for Feinstein to step down

Just last year on April 14, 2022, the Editorial Board of the San Francisco Chronicle published their opinion that if Dianne Feinstein was mentally unfit to serve, that she should be told so openly and publicly so that she and her family could prepare for her resignation. No steps were taken to either inform her nor to help her leave office in an elegant fashion.

It is May of 2023 and Dianne Feinstein who has been absent for three months due to shingles, was wheeled in to Capitol Hill. There was little doubt that she did not know where she was or why. Her trembling hands and everything about her frail condition and weak demeanor made it obvious even to the untrained eye, that she is physically and mentally unfit to fulfill the duties of political or any office.

Why would her young staff members even want to put such an elderly woman through that inconvenience rather than allowing her to live out whatever is left of her elder years in dignity?

Her Staff’s Salaries!

Ken Klipperstein, reporter for The Intercept, posted on Twitter that Feinstein’s staff should be “named and shamed” for not resigning and instead behaving as though the senator is in any shape to proceed with business as usual. He named Adam Russell, Senator Feinstein’s Press Secretary earns $102,000. Alec Bartishevich a legislative aide earns $73,708. Candice Hull a constituent correspondence director earns $85,000 to name but a few.

Elder protection laws are designed to protect senior citizens from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. We don’t have to enact new laws – we just have to enforce the elder protection laws that are already on the books.

These laws provide legal rights and protections for seniors as they age1The Elder Justice Act (EJA) is a comprehensive national legislation that addresses elder abuse2It provides additional protections for residents of long-term care facilities and supports efforts for abuse prevention and early abuse detection2The EJA applies to seniors aged 60 or older2.

You have to wonder why elder abuse laws are not cited when a senator or congressman is clearly unable to function.

When elder laws are not enforced even the wealthy senior citizens are just as vulnerable to abuse and exploitation as poor ones because their age and physical limitations become obvious1Elder abuse can take many forms such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, abandonment, and self-neglect1

When it comes to entertainers, the disparity in age and financial accomplishments is clear and obvious.

In the case of iconic songstress Cher, her boyfriend began enjoying her money from the first month they got together.

Decades and millions spent on facial reconstruction

A senior doing everything a plastic surgeon can offer in order to stay young looking but she would not address her rectal bleeding symptoms when they first appeared in her sixties. She needs help with feeding herself and walking.

Elder protection laws help prevent elder abuse by providing legal remedies for victims of elder abuse1These laws also help raise awareness about elder abuse and provide resources for victims of elder abuse1. For some reason however, elder abuse and exploitation is allowed in the case of these weak and ailing political figures.

Elder protection laws are essential for protecting senior citizens from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. These laws provide legal rights and protections for seniors as they age and help prevent elder abuse by providing legal remedies for victims of elder abuse1.

Medical Express reports that “the brain takes a beating when the arteries harden.”