Newspaper Resurrection: Billionaires Bringing New Blood To Industry founder Jeff Bezos, the new owner of the Washington Post, plans to bring the same model he used to turn Amazon into a global, multi-billion dollar company to his new enterprise. The conflict of interest is clear and obvious. He cannot be true to both the paper and to a $600 Million Dollar "cloud" software business. Washington Post reporters don't tell the truth anymore because their jobs literally depend on it now.

Should Ms. World be disqualified for her nude photos?

She has already enjoyed a career as an actress and TV host, but now Megan Young will represent the Philippines in the Miss World pageant. However, she will have to sidestep a controversy if she is to crowned the winner. The issue? She did a nude photoshoot with Rogue magazine last year, which many feel should disqualify her. Historically, many have been disqualified for less.