Korean Pop Music is the fastest growing music worldwide: September 2013, weeks 3 & 2

"Although you won't believe it, in Peru the K-pop groups are starting to be more popular than Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Demi Lovato," said Diana Rodriguez, who is capitalizing on the trend by organizing Korean dance contests throughout Peru. Americans think Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rhianna and Madonna are all that but in the rest of the world - they're considered "older musicians" and "out of date".


Hugh Jackman portraying Gary Hart was excellent casting. Also, this movie is very timely. It got me thinking about then and now. Now, in 2018, while in this #MeToo era, would Gary Hart, a Yale graduate, a prominent Attorney, a Senator, be judged as harshly as he was then in 1987, or would his perceived indiscretions be forgiven?

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SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO ALBUM BY THE BYRDS CELEBRATES 50 YEARS It was a landmark album 50 years ago and it continues to be so today as The Byrds...


Robert Mueller sent a planeload of eight FBI agents to Iceland to frame Julian Assange in 2011, raising questions about whether his investigation...