Wyclef Jean, Stewart and Dena Stewart

We interrupt our regular programming to present a special episode (56) of Alive on South Beach ... THE MIAMI BEACH 100TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, marked by 100 hours of festivities that culminated with a spectacular superstar Concert on the beach with fireworks as its finale.

MORE PAINTINGS by Dena Stewart

Beliefs, fantasies, and experiences are the essence of the paintings created by Visionary Artist, Dena Stewart. The first time she picked up a paintbrush, with no formal training in art, she used it to express her feelings, hopes and dreams. Dena Stewarts art work now available on SyndicatedNews.NET

Stewart and Ruthie – ALIVE ON SOUTH BEACH WRAP UP!

Photo features our own Stewart Stewart, Miami Bureau Chief interviewing the very tall SEX IN THE CITY actor, John Corbett who was in Miami Beach promoting his projects. Don't forget to take a peek at this week's ALIVE ON SOUTH BEACH already up and running on both SyndicatedNews.NET and YouTube. Stewart takes the lead in this week's WRAP UP!


In Episode 68 of "Alive on South Beach" Dena Stewart and Stewart Stewart go to Art Basel/Miami Beach, the Miami Book Fair (Miami Dade College), NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives), A Taste of the Garden (Miami Beach Botanical Garden), and Art Deco Weekend street fair - where they discover less bling and more business.

Telling Stories Through Visuals

Artists Stewart Stewart and Dena Stewart take their ARTISTS RAISE YOUR HANDS to new heights. Children that previously did not consider themselves artists are artists once they have been taught how to express themselves through painting.


Taken from a book by Les Standiford, the Mazur Kaplan company, along with several other producers, brought this delightful film to life. Directed by Bharat Nalluri, from a screenplay by Susan Coyne, this movie starring Christopher Plummer and Dan Stevens, will appeal to young people and old people, alike.