In Episode 68 of "Alive on South Beach" Dena Stewart and Stewart Stewart go to Art Basel/Miami Beach, the Miami Book Fair (Miami Dade College), NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives), A Taste of the Garden (Miami Beach Botanical Garden), and Art Deco Weekend street fair - where they discover less bling and more business.


Taken from a book by Les Standiford, the Mazur Kaplan company, along with several other producers, brought this delightful film to life. Directed by Bharat Nalluri, from a screenplay by Susan Coyne, this movie starring Christopher Plummer and Dan Stevens, will appeal to young people and old people, alike.


Unfair! Unfair! How strongly have we felt that "life" was not fair? We’ve all experienced the burn of unfair treatment at one time or another, some life changing injustices and some real or perceived favoritism. So what did we do?


When a young boy brings a loaded gun to school, his mother reacts by galvanizing the women in town to wage a "sex strike" until the men get rid of their firearms. Using all the NRA clichés, this satire helped expose the NRA as a small, but very vocal lobby whose mission is really to sell more guns rather than look out for the welfare of the people they supposedly represent.


Carrie Pilby and Chronically Metropolitan touched on blatant flaws in others, compromise in perceptions, awareness of own limitations, and willingness to accept life, as it is, and go on with inner strength. Both films had well-known stars, were wonderfully acted, and had engaging characters.


1st ANNUAL SOUTH BEACH JAZZ FESTIVAL - Each musical performance will showcase the artistry of at least one person with a disability. The sheer talent of the artists will promote the festival’s dual goal, to entertain, and to define others by ability rather than disability.

MiFo LGBT Movie Trailers

At the MiFo (Miami-Fort Lauderdale) LGBT Film Festival, we saw some powerful films, we met a few Directors, Producers, Actors, and in one case, the person whose life the film was based on. To see interviews...

Love Is All You Need?

“Love is All You Need?” is based on accepting the reality of a society totally opposite of the world we know. In this world, the accepted sexual orientation for humans is homosexual. Anyone who may happen to be heterosexual is deep in the closet.


In Episode 61, “Alive on South Beach” goes to NATPE (National Association of Television Production Executives), which is basically an industry convention, however because NATPE is a marketplace for buyers...


Stewart and I recently went to New York. Being native New Yorkers (born and bred Manhattanites before moving to Miami Beach), we hadn’t been back in several years and looked forward to visiting the “new...

On the Red Carpet

When celebrities attend an event, there is a Red Carpet for paparazzi to snap pictures, journalists to take notes, and us (Dena and Stewart) to have a brief conversation with them.

Wyclef Jean, Stewart and Dena Stewart

We interrupt our regular programming to present a special episode (56) of Alive on South Beach ... THE MIAMI BEACH 100TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, marked by 100 hours of festivities that culminated with a spectacular superstar Concert on the beach with fireworks as its finale.

Telling Stories Through Visuals

Artists Stewart Stewart and Dena Stewart take their ARTISTS RAISE YOUR HANDS to new heights. Children that previously did not consider themselves artists are artists once they have been taught how to express themselves through painting.


Self/Less had great potential with an all-star cast and a good premise, but as a sci-fi thriller, it wasn't thrilling.

Peace, Food and Scandal

Episode 57 of Alive on South Beach opens with a shout out from Comedian Howie Mandel. Followed by a talk with Artist HUONG about her PEACE MURAL; Then some Food events, a conversation with best-selling Author Myra MacPherson at the Miami Book Fair International, a meeting with the Director of "The Pilgrim" based on the book by Paulo Coelho at the MDC-MIFF, then some comic relief at Convivencia Comedy Night. We end with a shout out from sexy Actor/Singer Terrell Carter.