It was the ’80s, a culturally exciting time in New York. People from everywhere came together to party and share their dreams. Jo Ferrone’s philosophy was “Life is an exclusive club that anyone can join.” So when Jo’s friend Sue Rose did a cartoon doodle of a male youth on a napkin, Jo named him Fido Dido. 

Jo decided Fido Dido would deliver this profound message. Five years later, in 1988, Fido Dido  was licensed to PepsiCo and his image appeared on cans and advertising for 7-Up worldwide. In 2018, Fido Dido was on the Vintage Series cans. In 2022, Fido Dido reappeared to star in a series of new commercials. 

Then came the Angela Anaconda animated TV show – a homage to the ordinary humans living extraordinary lives – heroes for everyone. Angela Anaconda aired on Fox Family Channel from 1999 to 2001. The cut-out animation show also aired on Teletoon in Canada.

Then Jo Ferrone wrote a few books:

DOREEN BY DOREEN – a living testament to life’s grit, weaving through Wawas to Disney World. With grammar that’d make an English teacher weep but a voice that’ll make you howl.

JULIAN DICKERSON AND THE HIGHER UPS A cast of imperfectly perfect characters who find love, revenge, and humanity in the family they chose – no matter what. Often unexpected. Always human. 

Add to this, Jo has opened FIDO x CIRCULAR store in Wynwood Miami, FL.

And, as an advocate for all of us who are different, Jo Ferrone’s standout advice: Ignore what other people say about you – it’s none of your business.

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