Sussex pair should read UK monarchy’s history

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By Opinion…

The public and the Sussex couple should not forget that like all monarchies, the British began building its infamous history in the 10th century as a cruel institution that sent conquerors out in its name to violently overthrow natives, indigenous, defenseless people.

The monarchy’s sole purpose for sending out warriors to confiscate foreign lands, was to personally enrich themselves and continue growing their “realm” (in the form of stolen real estate).

The British would stake those foreign lands with their own British flag, kill any natives that opposed the invasions, collect any valuables they could get their hands on then bring the loot back to whichever monarch was on the throne at the time.

New Zealand

The British broadcast stated that the UK were interested in fostering trade in New Zealand. Nothing could be further from the truth. The British brought a group of missionaries to New Zealand whose primary obligation was to teach local Māori women how to cover their bare breasts. In the 1860’s a twenty year went on that resulted in the British killing the Māori, taking their land and prohibiting the natives from buying their own land. The damage Europeans did to New Zealand’s Māori people still devastates them today.

There were about 2,500 Māori killed during the 20 year wars but today, while the Māori are only 16% of the population, but Māori men are 52+% of the prison population and Māori women are 62+% of the prison population. This is a current day result of the Māori land theft of 150 years ago.

The Battle of Rangiriri was a major engagement in the invasion of Waikato, which took place on 20–21 November 1863 during the New Zealand Wars. More than 1400 British troops defeated about 500 warriors of the Kingitanga (Māori King Movement), which was resisting the expansion of British settlement and colonial rule in the North Island. The battle cost both sides more than any other engagement of the land wars and also resulted in the capture of 180 Māori prisoners, which impacted on their subsequent ability to oppose the far bigger British force. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Falkland Islands – Las Malvinas

Historically, the Falkland Islands (Las Malvinas) was a bare, fruitless, unfarmable land settled by Argentineans in 1831. But the very next year, in 1832, the British invaded Las Malvinas, killed the Argentineans and replaced them with British soldiers and naval men hearty enough to tolerate the unforgiving landscape.

The “Iron Lady”

As recently as the 1980’s the world witnessed the violence with which Margaret Thatcher began a war in Las Malvinas that ended with the death of 649 Argentineans, 255 British and 3 civilians.

That needless act of war was fought in the name of Queen Elizabeth the then reigning monarch.

While the two women could barely stand one another’s presence in the same room, Queen Elizabeth had no problem accepting Thatcher’s triumph as her own since the war strengthened the monarchy’s hold on foreign owned real estate which they essentially took by force.

Why did Thatcher want to fight for such a desolate unfarmable land? Because she was known for her cruelty and dismissive nature with members of her party as well as with members of parliament. Her own party members were about to throw her out of office. Rather than leave with a whimper, she chose to start a war and leave with a roar.

That war was little more than a show of Thatcher’s pride and arrogance. Queen Elizabeth stood by with her nose in the air over Thatcher’s brazen moves but did not interfere because she stood to gain when Thatcher’s war reinforced the monarchy’s dominion over the Falkland Islands.

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The Commonwealth Explained –

UK wars in New Zealand

All Harry & Meghan lost… was “the right” to live in Frogmore Cottage. They had not “inherited” the cottage nor had they ever owned it. The property was not “taken” from them. It always was and remains Crown property.

They had merely been given the right to live there by the late Queen Elizabeth. The current monarch has the legal and moral right to change any decision made by Queen Elizabeth while she was alive. After the book SPARE was released (which takes severe blows to the King’s wife Camilla) all bets were off.

Luckily, the Sussex couple had purchased a gorgeous mansion in Montecito, California which King Charles III had already financed (long before Prince Harry’s book was released).

Once Prince Harry’s “memoir” SPARE was published – All bets were off!

The Taliban

On the matter of Prince Harry so dangerously stating that he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan, we suspect that after having failed to get governments (i.e., the UK, Canada and the United States) to pay for armed security for him and his family, he decided to deliberately put himself and his family in harm’s way in the hopes that it would force governments to provide him and his family with tax payer funded armed security guards.

The couple should read the monarchy’s own family history with a dose of good humor. It reports that through the centuries, Royal family members were accidently killed on occasion or went missing. Usually a direct result of committing far lesser infractions than the Sussex’ have committed to date.

The monarchy can no longer murder its opposition but it can certainly make their enemies’ lives fairly miserable for a lifetime.

King Edward III and his wife, the American born, twice divorced Wallis Simpson (whom like Meghan Markle was also a fashion diva) were exiled to France for their own social and political safety.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have exiled themselves to the United States. Their current social and political status is identical to that of King Edward III who abdicated the throne for the love of Wallis Simpson, (a woman who barely tolerated him.

Shall we examine the history of what the British monarchy did to India where a minimum of 100 million people were slaughtered?

The Sussex couple should quit while they’re ahead by recognizing the situation they have created versus the idealist status of which they fantasize.

They are being openly mocked by the British press with the news that “Villain” Queen Camilla is now “The Queen” and not the Queen Consort. And the “Home Office” which Harry had been suing for security means he is now suing his father (continuing to make a further fool of himself).