Hipólito Arriaga Poté has passed away; replaced Willyams Contreras Martinez

By Ruthie DiTucci

(Mexico City – Mexico) BREAKING NEWS… The Governor of the Sovereign Indigenous People of Mexico has passed away. He has left a beautiful legacy joining the Sovereign Nation of Indigenous People with strong, solid agreements GHR.NETWORK and the Wyith Institute™.

Willyams Contreras Martinez was the Indigenous Governor of the State of Puebla. He will assume Hipólito Arriaga Poté’s role as National Governor of the Indigenous people of Mexico.

The deceased governor made his way across Mexico championing the “Usos y Costumbres” history both as a cultural reminder to mainstream Mexicans that the Indigenous had every intention of participating in mainstream society while bringing with them their Indigenous cultural history.

History was made that day at the United Nations because it was the only time in world history that found all three Governors of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada, the Indigenous Peoples of the United States and the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico attending Indigenous People’s Day under one roof – at the United Nations.

All three Governors of the Indigenous Peoples of three North American nations were under one roof at the United Nations celebrating The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on Friday, August, 9, 2019.

The leaders were Hipólito Arriaga Poté of the Gubernatura Nacional Indigena of Mexico and Mr. Howard Thomas, Governor of the United States Indigenous People. The two men sat next to each other and the Governor of the Indigenous People of Canada was on the podium as one of the speakers. Nevertheless, all three leaders were under the same roof at the same time.

Hipólito Arriaga Poté led the Gubernatura Nacional Indigena (GNI) to establish many projects with the Wyith InstituteTM to establish online education programs and Micro-Credit Programs with GHR.NETWORK of the United States for the Indigenous Merchant businesses across Mexico (which number in the thousands).

Hipolito Arriagia Pote said, before entering the United Nations,“It is impossible to achieve something great without enthusiasm”.

Arriaga Poté, continued, “We wish to hold dear the place our ancestors left to us”.

Hipólito Arriaga Poté had great wisdom.

During our visit to New York he was recognized to speak at the United Nations and was hard at work establishing the Gubernatura Nacional Indigena (GNI) practices. Alberto Castellanos Alvarado will remain in his role as Lead Administrator in the GNI Office in Mexico City to help the new governor settle in and to provide continuity..

Hipólito Arriaga Poté waiting his turn to be heard and invited to speak at the United Nations:
Image Ruthie DiTucci
Hipólito Arriaga Poté (Governor of Indigenous People Mexico) Howard Thompson (Governor of Indigenous People USA). In the second row are Armando Gomez Gonzalez and Alberto Castellanos. Image: Ruthie DiTucci

Arriaga Pote has done a great deal of work reaching out to corporate leaders internationally in all areas of industry. He brought in products and services from the four corners of the world and seriously channeled moving Indigenous Art and Agricultural and other Products towards export overseas and to the US, Canada and Central and South America.

[Left to right] Ruthie DiTucci from BCR, Hipólito Arriaga Poté, Governor of Indigenous Peoples Mexico, Howard Thompson Governor of Indigenous Peoples USA – Image: Alamy