Hipólito Arriaga Poté: 1959 = 2021

A very happy Hipólito Arriaga Poté (Governor of Indigenous People Mexico) Howard Thompson (Governor of Indigenous People USA). In the second row are Armando Gomez Gonzalez. Image: Ruthie DiTucci

-Hipólito Arriaga Poté


Posthumous tribute of those gathered here to Don Hipólito Arriaga Poté, “Indigenous National Governor and Tlatoani Nation Mexica” in memory for his eternal rest “

Good morning, being 9… am, we begin this ceremony…

My name is Alejandro González León Indigenous Governor of Mexico City and member of the Supreme Council of Elders of the National Indigenous Government.

I thank you for your presence. We are gathered here to offer the highest honors of the Indigenous State, respecting our uses and customs and in honor of the “National Indigenous Governor and Tlatoani Don Hipólito Arriaga Poté”, who is here in full force.

“I ask you for a strong applause and I ask you to make 2 minutes of silence in his memory for his eternal rest.”

Next I would like to make a short remembrance of the biography of who he was, Don Hipólito ”…
Don Hipólito Arriaga Poté was born on August 23, 1959, Mexican by birth of Otomí origin and based in Santa María del Monte Zinacantepec, Toluca State of Mexico.

From a humble birth and a bricklayer by profession. He grew up with the intention and illusion of becoming a master builder. Life took him on a difficult path of group leadership through life as he worked in construction companies for whom he labored as a very young man.

In his future he saw the need to represent his work group before the unions that controlled labor and always thought of ways to improve working conditions for his co-workers.

Badly fed and with long hours of poorly paid work, the need arose for him to be heard by the union leaders of his time and was able to represent his co-workers to the union in his native state.

Right at that moment the need for justice was born in his heart when he observed the social inequality that existed and the subhuman conditions in which the men who dedicated themselves to building the community, worked building infrastructure of this great country called Mexico.

Years passed and his leadership grew, turning him into a leader who observed extreme poverty on a daily basis. The original peoples of Mexico live and are still saddened to observe how they have been forgotten and subjected to abuse for 500 years.

If we are to name them, we would have to mention: “The original peoples of the great Mexica, Aztec, Toltec, Maya and Olmec Nation, the great forgotten Civilization.”

Observing this injustice, Hipolito decided to rekindle the flame of the native peoples to seek the recognition of the government.

That is how together with other leaders, he founded the National Indigenous Government (GNI), seeking in the first place that the original peoples or misnamed indigenous groups have electoral representation and a position to represent public offices that allow the improvement of the living conditions of the most vulnerable, poor and forgotten of this country.

This is the result of the social struggle in 2018 in the month of April, it manages to restore and put the original peoples, indigenous groups and ethnic groups of the country back into the national context; to seek and bring prosperity and quality of life to the almost 35 million human beings that make up the original peoples of Mexico. (this is a great historical fact).

Under the recognition that no one is a prophet in his land, Don Hipólito saw the need to go abroad to seek the recognition and support of other countries to help him discover the paths to obtain international funds that allow the development of projects that grant sustainability to indigenous peoples.

Already achieving the objective, the plan obtained representation and recognition from more than 130 countries in the United Nations; countries that were present in a forum of mother tongues of native peoples of the world.

[Left to right] Ruthie DiTucci from BCR, Hipólito Arriaga Poté, Governor of Indigenous Peoples Mexico, Howard Thompson Governor of Indigenous Peoples USA. Second row: Armando Gomez Gonzalez – Image: Alamy

Always facing with strength and determination historical acts of betrayal, disqualification, criticism and social ignorance, factors that strengthened his soul, mind and spirit; Don Hipólito capitalized on these factors that strengthened him to never give up his goal.

He managed to place the original peoples of Mexico in a global context. Achieving its international objective, it undertakes the task of reviewing and developing projects of great social and humanitarian impact that solve the root problems faced by the most vulnerable groups on a daily basis. “CASA MAMÁ”, “SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL HOUSING”, “RURAL INFRASTRUCTURE”, “WATER POTABILIZATION”, “AGROINDUSTRY”, “PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT”, “EDUCATION”, these are some of the flagship projects of his management and work In the last 7 years. These are the same projects that will start in a few months to show that the work he did was not and will never be in vain.

III. National invitation.
I want to tell you that one of the greatest wishes of the National Governor was to unite all the groups and ethnic groups in the country to form a single working group, a single conscience that safeguards the interests of the most vulnerable and poor of the country and that in accordance and in harmony prosperity and wealth be generated for all.

I invite all the indigenous brothers and sisters of native peoples to close ranks and to work together since we are all for one and one for all.

Long live the GNI!
Long live Don Hipólito!

Alberto Castellanos, Lead Administrator. at GNI, Hipólito Arriaga Poté and Armando Gomez Gonzalez, GNI Comptroller
Hipólito Arriaga Poté National Indigenous Governor and Tlatoani. Mexica Nation