Image Source Shutterstock: (L) Michael Cohen (R) Alvin Bragg


A picture truly says 1,000 words. The above photos show a seemingly heartbroken and embarrassed Michael Cohn with Alvin Bragg, the NY District Attorney. In an embarrassingly failed attempt to stop Donald J. Trump from continuing his quest to run for president of the United States, New York’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg presented Michael Cohen as his lead witness.

Before testifying, Cohen had begged a legal advisor Mr. Robert Costello, to “Get me out of this mess.” Cohen was desperately trying to find a legal way to put out a fire that he himself had started. Cohen confessed to Costello in the presence of others that “he had nothing on Donald J. Trump.”

On direct questioning, Cohen admitted that he was angry that after 9 years, he was not respected enough to be asked to join the “Trump Team” on its maiden trip to Washington, D.C. In his own podcasts, Michael Cohen states that he felt “angry and betrayed by Donald Trump” for not having given him a prime position in his administration. He also clearly states that he would do everything he could to avenge himself. On the stand, Cohen admitted to lying as a result of his rage against Donald J. Trump.

Cohen’s desperation was such that he openly told Costello and others present that he was seriously considering committing suicide. As a standard, SyndicatedNews at SNN.BZ does not offer political views (the site does not even have a political category). Instead, the documentation is posted for our readers to read at their own pace without suggestion or opinion so that they may arrive at their own conclusions.

This event is different in that it is more historical in nature than it is political. While political arguments have gone in all directions historically, this is the first proven case in which one of the United States political party leaders has openly been accused of (and proven) to have deliberately attempted to take down the only other party leader before the election. The United States generally has two primary parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Each of the 34 counts is precisely for FALSIFYING BUSINESS RECORDS IN THE FIRST DEGREE. Before taking the stand, Michael Cohen had already confessed to not only having nothing on Donald Trump, but further that what he had said was “crafted” which is a woke word meaning “invented.”

The serious reality and statement that Michael Cohen’s testimony was false was ignored by Bragg makes the process used by DA Bragg very questionable. Bragg instructed that no questions should be asked of Mr. Costello, that when answered, could serve as exculpatory (evidence that would prove Trump’s innocence).