ZAGREB, CROATIA - OCTOBER 10, 2017: EBEL ice hockey league match between Medvescak Zagreb and VSV Villach. Kyle BEACH (14) performed the body check on Medvescak player

On Oct. 26, 2021 the Blackhawks revealed the results of an independent investigation about allegations of sexual assault by a former player and the subsequent coverup by team officials. The incident itself, happened 11 years ago. Winning the Stanley Cup took priority. The sexual allegations and the sexual assault continued. A key predator in this case, was allowed to simply leave the NFL.

He went on to work at a college, continued sexually assaulting players there and had to leave the college coaching job. Then the sexual predator, Brad Aldrich wound up coaching a High School hockey team and sexually assaulted a 16 year old player.

For this article, we have left the comments OPEN. Feel free to participate. What do you think of NHL brass focusing on the Stanley Cup and ignoring sexual assault complaints for 11 years?

If you have been assaulted, call 800 656 HOPE.