DeBlasio used NYPD Security Detail as Personal Servants

Bill de Blasio image licensed by Shutterstock to SyndicatedNews

By Ruthie DiTucci

If you were a friend or relative of New York City’s former Mayor Bill de Blasio, you would have been chauffeured to or from the airport or even taken shopping by highly trained NYPD Detectives in an NYPD owned SUV or even a squad car. A great deal of expense goes into training those that provide Executive Protection to the Mayor of NYC.

[Right to left] Mayor de Blasio,, his son Dante and his wife Image: Courtesy Facebook

Police professionals on whom the city invested a great deal of time, money and training to give them extraordinary life-saving and military skills (expensive training meant to ensure the protection of important executives) were sent to pick up dry cleaning, or ferry friends and relatives to and fro.

Mayor de Blasio used NYPD professional security detail to move his daughter’s furniture and used an NYPD city van to move her personal belongings from where she was living to Gracie Mansion. Highly trained NYPD Security Detail members were also used to ferry Dante back and forth to Yale.