Fotis Dulos died as a result of his suicide attempt on January 30, 2020.


Fotis Dulos’ first wife was named Hilary Vanessa Aldama. They were married in Athens in June 2000, but their marriage lasted only four years. Fotis lived like a married man for 3 years and during his fourth year of marriage to Aldana, he lived and behaved like a single man.

By the 4th year of marriage, he was heavily involved with Jennifer Farber to the point where they openly traveled together as a couple. Fotis brought Jennifer to dinners where he knew they’d be meeting couples that knew Fotis and Aldama as a married couple – then Fotis would show up with Jennifer.

We cannot “fluff” over this important fact because the only way to fairly look at the Fotis Dulos saga and understand this tragedy, is if one examines all of Fotis’ women – not just Michelle Troconis.


It takes a particular kind of social risk taker that enjoys “naughty adventures” such as getting involved with someone who’s already living with or legally married to someone else. Fotis looked for this trait in all the women he dated.

Fotis loved looking at himself in the mirror and enjoyed showing off that he wasn’t “conventional” but each of the women he took up with – knew this about him going in. Through the years, Fotis became known for lying by omission.

Another less than honorable aspect of his dating pattern was that he encouraged his “new” girlfriends to join in when he teased (humiliated) whichever woman he was already in a relationship with.

Jennifer was beloved and admired by many — but she too engaged in that “teasing” behavior with Fotis as well. She laughed heartily along with Fotis when he made jokes about his first wife.

In fact, Fotis and Jennifer’s elaborate – over the top wedding was held at the exclusive “members only” Cosmopolitan Club in New York City within weeks before his divorce from his first wife was actually filed in court.

Friends and acquaintances of Hilliard Farber (Jennifer’s father) then members of New York’s “banking circles” chuckled about the fact that Hilliard’s daughter’s boyfriend was still married.

What that really means is that for an entire year, while Fotis was still quite legally married to his first wife, Jennifer, her family and her friends busily spent that year planning and discussing Jennifer’s flamboyant wedding at one of New York City’s most expensive and exclusive “members only” venues.

Members of Jennifer Farber’s circle didn’t seem to mind the oddity of planning such an over-the-top wedding at such an elitist venue (while Fotis was still legally married). And on the ocassion that someone might bring the matter up, Jennifer would soon cut the person out of her social circle for having had the audacity to mention the immorality (if not ridiculousness) of planning a wedding with a still married man.


Troconis was always known to be foolishly headstrong both in her professional and personal life. Friends and colleagues alike commented that she was known for taking on an argument without fully knowing all the facts and when realizing her error was slow to apologize or try to correct the negative fallout. The consensus was that she left several bridges burned with friends and co-workers.

She rarely took responsibility for her brash way and terse responses. It cost her a few friendships and acquaintanceships because she would let matters die on-the-vine. She was referred to as “terca y testaruda” (stubborn and hardheaded).

And as one of several daughters of a renowned surgeon, when and if given the opportunity to speak to someone about a medical matter, (someone who knew nothing about medicine) she tended to speak condescendingly using medical and health related terms as though her father’s medical knowledge was her own.

She did not speak that way with medical professionals. She saved the haughty behavior for those that knew little about healthcare. She threw medical terminology about as though medicine and healthcare were her purview. It did not make her seem more knowledgeable; it made her seem more like a know-it-all. It was quite a turn off.

However, Jennifer Farber (even though she was in the middle of a full-fledged affair with a married man) did not see the obvious and tawdry side of her own situation. She was socially and morally wrong, but Jennifer became absolutely indignant and furious when anyone called her out on it.

Fotis Dulos was afflicted with a particularly strong sense of narcissism and megalomania. In every one of his relationships, he was always already sexually involved with a new woman before he had ended his relationship with the woman he was with at the time.


The most well-researched chronology of Jennifer Farber’s life “before” Fotis, was published by Vanity Fair (written by Vanessa Grigoriadis). The article explains how this young woman, raised in a wealthy lifestyle that afforded her a Trust fund would ever consider building a life with a man of such obvious contradictions (and whom had already displayed his bad temper).

The Vanity Fair author doesn’t try to portray Jennifer Farber in a good or bad light. She does however, present a most honest explanation of Farber before she married and during her marriage.

The article is extremely well written and thought out. Here is the link: https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/10/true-scope-of-jennifer-farber-fotis-dulos-tragedy

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