George Tung, CryptosRUs Founder

George Tung is the founder of CryptosRUs

A 2004 graduate of Perdue University, George Tung earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications and Networking Technology. The man is beyond smart. He is known for his interests as a crypto entrepreneur and for having a mad love of not just cars but he seems to enjoy the auto industry. His actual work history however shows that he has a healthy respect for the health industry.

He was a System Administrator at a Fertility Center in Chicago from 2007 to 2011. At about 2013, Tung became heavily interested and began to master a profound acquaintance of cryptocurrency (that he’s now mastered). He then moved on to work for the Midwest Vein Center from 2014 to 2015. From 2015 to 2017 he served as IT Infrastructure Leader | Enterprise Architect at ATI Physical Therapy.

In the fall of 2017, Tung established his CryptosRUs YouTube channel In 2018 he founded the DRIVERS ONLY YouTube channel.

Visit his website at and listen to him. You’ll be very glad you did.