By Ruthie DiTucci

Above image: Instagram of Robert Shiver with his wife, Lindsay Shiver.

Lindsay Shiver, former beauty queen and cheerleader married her high school sweetheart, Robert Shiver, a 6’4″ football player (who actually got to play for the NFL).

Lindsay was bored with her ultra-wealthy husband, (an Insurance Professional) his family’s mega-million dollar family business and the lifestyle that wealth afforded them. The couple lived in Thomasville, Georgia with their three children.

Robert and Lindsay Shiver’s $2.5 Million dollar Thomasville, Georgia mansion.

His family’s wealth provided the couple with luxurious vacations and multiple homes. The most interesting of their homes was the one in the Bahamas because that is where Lindsay 36, met and began an affair with 28 year old bartender, Terrance Adrien Bethel.

In April of 2023, during a few days during which Lindsay had traveled by herself to the Bahamas, someone had visited the Shiver home in Georgia and slipped unmarked envelopes under the door. Robert was home with the children and opened the envelopes. One of the envelopes contained a thumb-drive mostly containing photographs taken of Robert’s wife Lindsay during her visits to the Bahamas without him.

Listen to Robert Shiver’s 911 call as he tells the Thomasville, Georgia police about the mysterious thumb drive…

By July of 2023, Robert Shiver had learned that his wife Lindsay was visiting the Bahamas by herself and openly dating a bartender employed by Grabbers Bar and Grill on Great Guana Cay in the Bahamas.

By an outrageous coincidence, the bar was robbed at gun-point. While investigating the case, Bahamas Police Detectives came across a cell phone that seemed abandoned hence the police thought it might have been left there by the thieves during the robbery.

The police found multiple WhatsApp messages on the cell phone and began to read the messages one by one. The WhatsApp account laid out the story of a beautiful American woman clearly writing sexual messages to a man with whom she was romantically involved.

The police also found messages about the woman’s hatred for her husband, Robert Shiver. In Lindsay Shiver’s WhatsApp messages to her lover, she had included photographs of Robert Shiver asking her lover to “kill him”.

Authorities realized the cell phone had not been accidentally left by the armed men that had robbed the Grabber’s Restaurant and Bar. The phone belonged to the bartender, Terrance Adrien Bethel but the police did not divulge that information to the public.

What the authorities learned while reading the WhatsApp messages on that cell phone that had been left at the bar was that Lindsay and her lover Bethel, had hired Faron Newbold to murder her husband Robert. The Bahamian authorities contacted Robert and informed him that a murder plot had been hatched against his life by his wife Lindsay, her lover Terrance and that they had hired Newbold to carry out the murder.