Fleetwood Peeples, Sr: Pillar of Florida Community and Pedophile

Above image source: Rollins College Archive. Fleetwood Peeples, Sr. was a pillar of a well to do Florida community and Rollins College and one of Florida’s most prolific pedophiles. His son Fleetwood Peeples, Jr., followed in his footsteps.

The Boy Scouts insurance companies have asked a federal judge to slow down the youth group’s exit from their bankruptcy. That delay would buy the insurers more time to appeal the record-setting $2.46 billion sexual abuse claims settlement.

Both The Kiwanis International and the Catholic Church are still paying billions in sexual lawsuit settlements (with no end in sight).

Historically, it was routine for Catholic priests to lead and entertain Catholic youth groups, choirs, sports team and Boy Scouts and they frequently used Kiwanis properties (for camping purposes).

Globally, within the last 5 or 6 years, the Kiwanis Clubs sexual assault lawsuits are as massive and as widespread as the Catholic sex assault lawsuits.

The public is unaware that the Boy Scout lawsuit settlements have very specific purposes. The plan is to split the settlement amounts (that have already grown past $2.7 up to $4 Billion) into two purposes. This aspect of the case is never spoken of publicly but can be found in the DOCUMENTS section of the Boy Scouts Lawsuit Database.

  • They plan to use the first half of the funds collected via contributions and Boy Scout insurance companies (ultimately held financially responsible) for the purpose of paying off current and “future” settlements.
  • Then they plan to use the second half of the funds to re-establish the Boy Scouts all over again for the next generation “as though nothing ever happened” even though internationally, government statistics on sexual predation of children show no sign of recidivism.

Click the (BishopAccountability.org) link below to grasp the enormity of the sexual assault lawsuits stemming predominantly from the Catholic churches alone. In the documents section you will find the latest “mission statement and future purpose” where they identify their plans. NOTE: This database contains highly sensitive material.


The insurance companies want the court to help “buy them some time.” As of December 2019, eight states and Washington, D.C. enacted “Look Back Laws” to help victims of past sexual abuse bring legal cases for those persons that had been assaulted when they were children for whom the statute of limitations had already run out.

Many more states are submitting bills that will soon be “Look Back Laws” within the next couple of years. Click the Boy Scouts of America banner below to view documents. NOTE: This database contains highly sensitive material.

NOTE: This database contains highly sensitive material.

Actual recidivism rate statistics: U.S. Department of Justice: 1979 – March 2023

Fleetwood Peeples Sr and Jr legacy

Image Source: Rollins College; Aquatic Director, Fleetwood Peeples, Sr. was a pedophile. Died at 95 years of age in 1993

The Kiwanis Killarney Drive Boy Scout property located at 1925 Killarney Drive, in Winter Park is one of several locations where Fleetwood Peeples, Sr. (Rollins College Swim Coach) sexually assaulted 20,000+ children and swim team members for decades.

Fleetwood Peeples Sr., was a pillar of the Winter Park, Florida community throughout his entire career. He took his pedophile secret to his grave when he died in 1993 at the age of 95.

Sadly, his family’s legacy, his son, Fleetwood Peeples, Jr., at 76 years of age, (who suffered from the same pedophilic disorder and sexual interests) experienced a serious fall while inside a storage unit that he rented from Uncle Bob’s Storage in Orlando, Florida.

911 was called due to the severity of Peeples, Jr.’s bleeding. The police arrived and found him bleeding out on the floor of his storage unit. He was emotionally unbalanced and was surrounded by hundreds of pornographic polaroid photos that he and his father had taken of children they were in contact with throughout the life span of both men (swim students, Rollins swim team, etc.)

Peeples, Jr. would soon tell the police about the sexual interest he and his father shared in children from toddler age to prepubescence (and the hundreds of photographs first responders found at the accident sie (Uncle Bob’s Storage) clearly corroborated his story to the police.

Peeples, Jr., told the authorities that his father, was also a pedophile. The incident was in the newspapers, television news and radio. Former swimming students began calling from all over the world seeking to report themselves as sexual assault victims. They called Winter Park Police as well as the Orange County Sherriff’s office since the Killarney property falls within an unincorporated section of Orlando, Florida.

The scandal affected children, their families, the elementary schools the children attended, their teachers, Rollins college campus (where Peeples, Sr., was highly respected), multiple local attorneys representing all the different parties, the police and medical personnel.

Peeples Jr. was arrested in January of 2014 as a result of being picked up by ambulance and taken to the Emergency Room.

The FDLE kept the photographs for decades. It is unknown whether or not they’ve since destroyed the photos or still have them in their evidence locker.

The local paper, the Orlando Sentinel published most of the articles about this scandal. The women that were young girls on the Rollins College swim team, called the newspaper and the authorities to report that they too were sexually molested by Fleetwood Peeples Sr., in the university’s locker room, in the pool and adjacent areas.

One of the places used for nefarious activities against children was the Kiwanis Killarney property located at 1925 Killarney Drive, in Winter Park, Florida. Not enough time has elapsed from the time those events occurred to today. And the local community is not interested in having that property re-established by the Kiwanis because there are still neighbors living in that same Winter Park neighborhood that consider it an affront to see “fund raising” on the property where they were sexually assaulted as children.

The Florida Boy Scouts still bring back horrific memories for the adult survivors that were children when they were sexually assaulted on Dinky Dock and the Kiwanis 1925 Killarney Drive camping property (to name but two locations). That community does not need to relive that event.

Severe Conflict of interests

The conflict of interests affecting the Killarney Scout House case are troubling. The very group that asked the Florida City Council for permission to re-build the Kiwanis property are the owners of the construction company that is meant to re-build the site. That is a clear violation of both Orange County’s Building Ethics Code as well as the Kiwanis Conflict of Interest code published in their charter.

The construction company’s owner has been a Kiwanis Officer for more than 15 years. You can’t sit on both sides of the table.

Victims of Kiwanis Killarney property assaults are following case closely

Consider that in the Cleveland, Ohio case of kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro, the leaders of Cleveland, Ohio chose to demolish Castro’s house after he was found guilty of having sexually assaulted three girls in his house (he kept them captive for 10+ years).

Rather than further offend the community that had to look at Ariel Castro’s house every time they passed by to go to the local store, Cleveland, Ohio authorities knew enough to help remove the memory of that tragedy by razing Castro’s house all together.

FDLE and Florida Prosecutor’s Reports

Many local victims have never received a settlement from the Kiwanis or the Catholic church. Not every child that was assaulted at the Scout House got a settlement from the Kiwanis or the Catholic church. Many were too embarrassed to come forward and told no one. Many of those children are adults living in the same neighborhoods they grew up in.

The Chronicle News Service based in Centralia, Washington published an article on December 30, 2022 stating about their local Kiwanis International Club. That lawsuit figure has now risen to $77 Million+.

To date, the amount of money in settlements to victims falls within the billions.

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Eugene Rosenquest, a victim of sexual abuse himself, now runs the Florida Survivors Network of Those Abused By Priests [SNAP], he is keeping a close eye on this case. 

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