Expedited Passports – Orlando, Florida!

Pedro Bone Jr and staff member examine and update client database.

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By Ruthie DiTucci

(Image above: Photo Credit: Yennifer Jimenez) The Passport Office of Orlando, Florida has served the state of Florida since 2003. Driving to Miami is no longer necessary for those located in mid or upper Florida. Their friendly staff will assist you in obtaining an emergency passport in less than 48 hours. Rest assured they will make the process stress free. This office was also the first to offer expedited passports in Orlando, Florida.

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Need your passport? Visit 501 North Magnolia Avenue, Suite A09C (convenient sidewalk entrance) Orlando, Florida 32801 lots of parking close by and comfortable waiting room.

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Your photo will be conveniently taken right in the office so you don’t have to try to get photos at another location. This is one stop shopping for your passport needs! Schedule your appointment with a Passport Agent at 407 792 1000 today!

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Florida Tourism Statistics in 2021 and 2022

The latest data from VISIT FLORIDA Research has shown that visitor numbers to Florida in 2021 and the first two quarters of 2022 are recovering back towards their pre pandemic 2019 figures despite a slow recovery from international visitors. Many international markets were prohibited from entry into the USA until November 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the USA.

In fact Columbia which was not subject to any travel bans with 0.71 million visitors came out on top for all international visitors, beating Canada with just 0.58 million (down from over 4 million in 2019).

Domestic visitor numbers surged with over 117 million (a new record) up 55% on 2020 whilst total visitor numbers increased to 122 million.

Top out of state US visitors were from Georgia 9.5%, New York 9.3% and Alabama 6.4%.

The international breakdown by country showed the only gains were from South American countries that were not subject to travel bans (2020 figures in brackets):

  • Canada 0.58 million (1.36 million)
  • United Kingdom 0.14 million (0.18 million)
  • Brazil 0.13 million (0.29 million)
  • Columbia 0.71 million (0.17 million)
  • Argentina 0.23 million (0.15 million)