Bohemian Rhapsody is a high energy, wonderful story about the legendary British Rock Band QUEEN and its iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury. Add to this, the music everybody loves by these experimental, talented performers.

South Beach Happenings

Episode 69 of Alive on South Beach introduces La Cerveceria de Barrio, a new restaurant on Lincoln Road, along with Miami Swim Week, American Comics artist, writer, herstorian, & cartoonist Trina Robbins at the Miami Book Fair, and a peek into Brit Week.


For Conversations with Stewart Stewart, a spin-off from Alive on South Beach, Stewart talks with Photographer Manny Hernandez who has made his mark on the Society Pages capturing images of celebrities and fashion icons at their best and their worst.


January 1, 1975, when Robert Kraft was 24 years old, he made a New Year’s Resolution to run eight miles every day. Now 66, he has run for more than 15,300 consecutive days and counting. His persistence and commitment over the years has attracted more than 2,600 runners from all over the world to run with him. Always shirtless, a black sweatband holding back his longish-black hair, black shorts, one black glove, and gray shoes, they dubbed him Raven. Laura Lee Huttenbach wrote a biography called "Running with Raven".


Miami Beach is a relatively small town, but with big city issues. Governing the City with the intention of pleasing the locals (residents) and visitors is a complex balancing act. So, Stewart had a conversation with Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber to learn how he accomplishes this major task.

MiFo LGBT Movie Trailers

At the MiFo (Miami-Fort Lauderdale) LGBT Film Festival, we saw some powerful films, we met a few Directors, Producers, Actors, and in one case, the person whose life the film was based on. To see interviews...

Love Is All You Need?

“Love is All You Need?” is based on accepting the reality of a society totally opposite of the world we know. In this world, the accepted sexual orientation for humans is homosexual. Anyone who may happen to be heterosexual is deep in the closet.


We are currently working on a special “page” for “Alive on South Beach” that will appear on our Purple Videos site that will include our TEN BEST DINING EXPERIENCES ON SOUTH BEACH. We are putting out a call to all restaurants and restaurant publicists with clients on Miami Beach who would like to bring their brand and/or restaurant before our 2.1 million viewers around the world, many of whom are planning vacations on the Beach.