Markle vs. Markle lawsuit

Meghan Markle’s half sister Samantha Markle is protesting how Meghan’s public remarks gave the public a negative perception of the Markle family in general. She is protesting in the form of a lawsuit.

The lawsuit specifically cites the Oprah Winfrey interview as having damaged her personal reputation and having further damaged the reputation of the Markle family members.

This video portrays one mean narcissist being mean to another mean narcissist. Ellen DeGeneres was never questioned during her hosting career because Hollywood, in its attempt to be inclusive, wanted to protect the only well known “gay” television hostess.

But what better way for a gay narcissist to publicly mock a straight narcissist than by getting them to agree to public “skits.” Markle made a complete fool of herself by appearing on DeGeneres’ show and this video can’t be disappeared. It’s too well spread now.