Prince Andrew’s scandal began decades ago. He had held onto his claim of innocence for years. He also claimed Virginia Roberts Giuffre was a liar (because he did not actually sweat) and that he would never settle. He also had a long list of dubious reasons why he couldn’t possibly be responsible for Giuffre’s sex assaults. Prince Andrew’s bravado was short-lived. He offered a fast and full 7 figure settlement.

Prince Andrew is so out of touch that he thinks that by offering to become a women’s spokesman and champion their causes is something anyone would take seriously. By buying his way out of a case, he did not win the case. On the contrary, Prince Andrew interrupted justice by settling out of court. He is the last possible person female assault victims would want to speak on their behalf.

What woman would want to have her sexual harassment case championed by a man that as recently as a week ago was publicly saying that he would meet Virginia in court and that he had every intention of defending himself. He was once actually quoted as saying “This is war”.

The amount of evidence held in these legal briefs by Giuffre’s legal team, if read to Queen Elizabeth would have shocked the life out of the 95-year-old.

Giuffre’s lawsuit put Andrew between a rock and a hard place. He had no way out but to pay!