By Ruthie DiTucci

Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five, disappeared on May 24, 2019 in New Canaan, Connecticut. Prosecutors suspected foul play and believed she was killed during a contentious custody battle with her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos. Michelle Traconis, (Jennifer’s husband’s mistress) was found guilty 5 years after Jennifer’s disappearance.

Jennifer Farber had an affair with Fotis Dulos for a year or so before they married (4 weeks) after his divorce from Hilary Vanessa Aldama

Fotis Dulos was a luxury home builder. Both he and his live-in girlfriend were charged with felony murder, kidnapping, and other crimes related to Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance. Read this ARREST WARRANT (one of three) below which details the evidence used by detectives and the District Attorney to charge Michelle Troconis along with Fotis Dulos. Presence of Michelle Troconis’ DNA on the plastic trash bags where Fotis Dulos had hidden his missing wife’s bloody clothing is highlighted in yellow.

Image Source: CT State Police and Instagram Image: Michelle Traconis




Troconis, had never even met her boyfriend’s wife Jennifer Farber Dulos but had built up a very negative opinion about Jennifer based on the stories Fotis Dulos had “fed her.”

The authorities began to focus on Michelle Troconis when their investigations led them to friends, neighbors, relatives and acquaintances who stated that Troconis, who had never met Jennifer Dulos referred to her in derogatory terms.

A constant argument the married couple fought about was Jennifer’s husband Fotis Dulos being annoyed because his wife Jennifer, refused to let him move his mistress, Michelle Troconis and her own teen daughter into the Fotis and Jennifer’s marital home where Jennifer still lived with the couple’s 5 children.

Fotis Dulos wanted both women, his five children and Michelle’s daughter living under the same roof (his).

The Dulos; five children’s legal guardian ad litem, Attorney Michael Meehan, had been appointed by Family court to represent the five Dulos children in 2019. Meehan testified about the custody battle between Jennifer and Fotis and how it was impacting the relationship between Fotis and Troconis.

Critical interview with Jennifer Dulos’ neighbor

Fotis said that the visitation arrangements were having an “adverse effect” on his relationship with Michelle Troconis because Michelle and her daughter had to leave the home they shared with Fotis (the original marital home) every time his children were coming over to see their father.

Michelle Traconis, Fotis’ live-in mistress narcissistically felt that “she” (while having absolutely no training or experience) should personally be present when Fotis’ children visited their father. She had even suggested herself as the “supervisor” during Fotis’ supervised visitation with his children. Her suggestion was more based in her own convenience so that she and her daughter would not have to leave her boyfriend’s marital home during the Dulos children’s visits. Many have overlooked Michelle Traconis’ own Latin culture in which “the woman of the home” establishes schedules for everyone involved.

Michelle Traconis’s Latin culture should not be overlooked as she was born in Venezuela and raised in a Latin home. In Latin American countries, the saying goes, “the woman manages and rules the home and the man manages business and rules issues outside the home.” In Spanish it sounds a little cruder, “La mujer es de la casa y el hombre es de la calle.” In Latin culture, once a woman moves into a home, she is the last word on all matters. Michelle Traconis never had the last word on anything in the Dulos home because the home she moved into with her lover, was still marital property legally owned by the “missing” Jennifer Dulos.

Meehan, was aware of Fotis’ unusual demand of having both women and all six children living in the marital home and prohibited the idea. In fact, whenever Fotis was scheduled to come to the family home to see his 5 children, or the children were coming to their father’s home, he could only spend time with them under “supervised” visitation which infuriated him.

Fotis was a man accustomed to being in charge of everything and everyone around him and having full control of all matters. The idea that strangers would be choosing if and when he saw his children absolutely enraged him.

Fotis Dulos was arrested for his wife Jennifer’s disappearance and was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and he was held under house arrest after posting a $6 million dollar bond. From that moment on, he no longer viewed Michelle Traconis as a valuable, intimate romantic mate. As far as Fotis was concerned, Michelle had already out-lived her usefulness to him and in his mind, she had failed since after all the rehearsal of “the time line,” he still got arrested. Not being a man that ever took responsibility for errors, he immediately felt Michelle Traconis was to blame.

Michelle served to help establish his alibi and help him appear as though he was somewhere he was not by keeping and using his cell phone to make specific calls to make sure his cell phone “pinged” from locations (to imply he was where he wasn’t). Unfortunately for Michelle Traconis, from the interrogation videos, it is pretty clear that she foolishly continued lying for him.

Michelle did not realize that Fotis had already emotionally moved on and begun establishing a new relationship with Anna Curry.


Anna Curry, is a financial executive and a native of North Carolina. She had a significant connection to Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of Jennifer Dulos. Here’s what we know about their relationship:

Friendship or More?: Initially, Anna Curry was often referred to as Fotis Dulos’ friend. However, later reports suggested that their relationship became romantic once Michelle Troconis moved out of his house.

Background: Anna Curry met Fotis Dulos while working at a New York City finance firm (LPL Financial). At the time she was LPL Financials’ vice president of product management,

Bail Bond Assistance: When Fotis Dulos was arrested, Anna Curry signed a $3 million assurance note to Palmetto Surety Corporation, which insured his bond money. She paid $147,000 in cash to secure his bond, with plans to pay more in installments until 2021. Norm Pattis, Fotis Dulos’ attorney, described Anna Curry as a loyal friend who assisted him.

Living Together: Anna Curry was reportedly living with Fotis Dulos at his residence around the time of his death. On the day of his suicide attempt, he allegedly sent Curry to the bank to withdraw money. She was originally supposed to drive him to court for an emergency bail hearing but ended up going to the bank first. Later, she discovered that Fotis Dulos had cut off his monitoring bracelet and left it in the house. Disarming the ankle bracelet alarmed the authorities and police officers were already at the house when she drove up.

Complex Circumstances: Anna Curry’s involvement in Fotis Dulos’ life adds to the intrigue surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos and the subsequent legal proceedings. Her actions and presence during critical moments remain a subject of scrutiny and speculation.

Anna Curry’s relationship with Fotis Dulos is multifaceted, involving friendship, financial assistance, and potential romantic involvement.

On January 30, 2020, Fotis Dulos had attempted suicide at his home in Farmington, Connecticut. He connected his car exhaust back into the vehicle with a clothes dryer hose. He didn’t die immediately. He died two days later after being flown to a New York hospital and placed in a hyperbaric chamber.

Dulos was well aware that detectives knew far more than they were sharing. A true narcissist to the very end, he left a suicide note in which he denied involvement in Jennifer’s disappearance.

And he was right about Connecticut law enforcement. He suspected that state and local police had already verified that Dulos had been disposing of black plastic garbage bags in several public trash receptacles.

CCTV cameras along the route where he disposed of the evidence revealed that Michelle Troconis was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car, yakking away on her cell phone as her boyfriend drove around town disposing of his dead wife’s bloody clothing.

Both Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence, and hindering prosecution. He was also charged with murder – Michelle was not. Unfortunately, having been in the car while Dulos was disposing of his wife’s bloody clothing, the police did not believe her when she said she just thought Dulos was avoiding paying “trash dump fees.”

After a seven-week trial, Michelle Troconis was found guilty on all 6 counts, including conspiracy to commit murder on Friday March 1, 2024.

The jury also convicted Troconis of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution. Jennifer Dulos’ body has never been found, and her death was declared by a judge in October of 2023.

Michelle Troconis’ sentencing is scheduled for May 31, 2024. The case remains a heartbreaking tragedy, leaving behind five children caught in the midst of a contentious family dispute. Now you can also add Troconis’ teenaged daughter to the group of children left behind making it a total of 6.

The disappearance of Jennifer Dulos and the subsequent legal proceedings have left a lasting impact on those involved and the community. Her memory serves as a reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the pursuit of justice.

Do not let anyone program you – read the evidence yourself in order to gain understanding of this case and arrive at your own conclusions.