Rep. Mesha Mainor


Georgia representative Mesha Mainor has sued District Attorney Fani Willis, Commissioner Marvin Arrington, the Fulton County Ethics Board, and Fulton County itself. As always, SyndicatedNews at SNN.BZ will not guide you to a conclusion. What we provide however is whatever legal brief has been publicly posted on the court’s roster as a case to be heard by a judge. Here is the lawsuit document:

“Something important is happening in Fulton County, Georgia. Some well-known people, like District Attorney Fani Willis and Commissioner Marvin Arrington, have been sued. The lawsuit also includes the Fulton County Ethics Board and Fulton County itself.

Georgia Representative Mesha Mainor is the person that has brought the case to court. She was the victim of a criminal case related to stalking. She believes that Commissioner Arrington and later District Attorney Willis did not handle her case properly and put her in further jeopardy repeatedly.

Stalking is when someone repeatedly follows or harasses another person. It makes the person being stalked feel unsafenervous, or scared. Here are some signs of stalking:

  1. Knowing the person’s scheduletracking their whereabouts, or physically following them.
  2. Sending repeated texts, calls, or emails.
  3. Unexpectedly showing up at the person’s home, workplace, or school.
  4. Delivering unwanted gifts.
  5. Stealing the person’s possessions.
  6. Threatening the person or their friends and family.
  7. Other behaviors that lead to feeling unsafeharassed, or monitored.

Cyberstalking is a form of stalking that happens online. It can involve sending threatening messages, tracking someone’s online activity without consent, or releasing personal information about them online. Stalking can be very distressing and sometimes even escalate to physical violence or worse. About 15% of women and 6% of men in the U.S. have experienced stalking at some point in their lives. Remember, it’s important to take stalking seriously and seek help if you’re being stalked.