Authorities went to investigate one matter and found explosive devices in his home.

By Ruthie DiTucci

Mark Severson, 40 years of age, routinely a resident of the unincorporated Seminole County area of Winter Park, Florida is now a guest of the John E Polk Correctional Facility at 211 Eslinger Way, Sanford, Florida.

Authorities showed up to his meth lab home at Elena Court to execute a search warrant seeking drugs and related paraphernalia. Neighbors had been calling in with tips suggesting that drugs were being distributed out of the location.

Alena Court home had the extra protection of wrought iron gates.

Neighbors were alarmed by a Sheriff using a megaphone, loudly inviting anyone inside the home to come out “with their hands up” further telling anyone inside that “the house was surrounded.” Once inside the house, the multiple law enforcement teams’ search interest switched from drugs to the visible bomb making materials found inside the home.

Alena Court home had entry blocked to the garage by these disabled motorhomes.

The Seminole County Sheriffs were accompanied by the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms) as well as the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) and Explosives) as well as detectives from various local police departments.

Some bomb making material is highly sensitive to movement and should not be transported therefore the authorities exploded the material right on the property rather than risk an accidental explosion by moving it.

Mark Severson was charged with the following crimes:

  • Possession and manufacture of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute and sell.
  • Possession of MDMA (a synthetic drug that acts as a stimulant and a hallucinogen warping the user’s sense of time and perception. The drug is also known as 3/4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine used to make Molly (very popular among teenagers).
  • Possession of marijuana.
  • Possession of a destructive device (explosives).
  • Possession and manufacturing of explosives with intent to harm life and/or limb.

Near a back porch, authorities found a white crystalline flake like powder whose forensic exam identified it as (TATP) Triacetone triperoxide. However, that drug is not listed in his charges.

Mark Severson is neither new to Alena Court where he has lived since his parents bought the home, He is also not new to law enforcement having a criminal history that dates back for decades. Leaves one to wonder how this man has served as little jail time as he has.