While not taken into custody, Eric Adams was approached by armed FBI. The Federal Agents ordered the NYC mayor's security detail to STAND DOWN."


On Monday evening, November 6, 2023, the FBI walked up to Eric Adams and ordered his security detail members to “stand down and back away.” They accompanied the NYC mayor into his SUV, handed Eric Adams a court-issued search warrant. They then confiscated his two cell phones and an iPad. All three items were returned to the mayor within a matter of days. A mayor’s staff member had behaved inappropriately and the mayor reported the incident. Of the electronics confiscation, the mayor said:

“As a former member of law enforcement, I expect all members of my staff to follow the law and fully cooperate with any sort of investigation — and I will continue to do exactly that.” He added that he had “nothing to hide.”

Last month, the Menendez indictment accused the Senator Robert Menendez, his wife and 3 of their associates of transferring confidential information obtained by Robert Menendez (which he then gave to his wife as the go-between). She then transferred that sensitive information to her Egyptian friends who then forwarded the text messages to high-ranking members of the Egyptian government via WhatsApp.

The Federal Search Warrant executed this past Thursday at the home of NYC Mayor Eric Adams’s chief fund-raiser’s Crown Heights Brooklyn home comes one month after the “superseding” indictment filed at the U.S. District Court Southern District dated October 12, 2023, naming Senator Robert Menendez, Nadine Aslanian (his wife), Wael Hana (aka Will), Jose Uribe and Fred Daibes.

On Thursday, November 2, 2023 when NYC’s mayor Eric Adams was flying in Washington, D.C. along with several other mayors who had jointly written to president Biden asking for $5 Billion dollars to manage illegal immigrants in their respective cities – the F.B.I. was executing a Federal Search Warrant of Eric Adams’s primary fund-raiser’s Brooklyn home.

Brianna Suggs home was surrounded by “too-many-to-count” federal agents searching for files and information alleging that when Adams ran for office in 2021, the NYC mayor had money directed to his campaign by and through KSK Construction (who is connected to a heavily financed Turkish Philanthropy Group) and a Turkish owned university in Washington, D.C.

The Bay Atlantic University is owned by Turkish businessman Enver Yücel who is the Chairman of the Executive Board of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions in Turkey, which has established more than 200 K-12 schools in Turkey, an international boarding school in Brockville, Canada, a non-profit university in Istanbul, Turkey, and other education-focused companies.

The Fulford Academy in Brockville, Canada is privately owned by Turkish millionaire, Enver Yücel

Bay Atlantic University was initially established as BAU International University by BAU, LLC as a private, for-profit institution in 2014.. It later became a non-profit entity and changed its name to Bay Atlantic University in 2019. 

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields such as business, economics, political science, data science, and cybersecurity. It is located in the heart of Washington, D.C., just outside the Smithsonian Institute properties and a short walk from the White House.

Prosecutors allege that Eric Adams’s campaign members conspired with the Brooklyn construction company by the name of KSK Construction (with impressive multi-billion dollar construction projects) to violate campaign funding laws which prohibit foreign investors to pay U.S. politicians.

According to the Construction Today publication, the KSK Construction company was founded in 2010 by three partners: Erden Arkan, Ulgur Aydin, and Selim Akyuz. The three friends grew up in Turkey. They are all Turkish immigrants who previously worked for another construction company, KISKA (a Turkish Construction company that provided mass housing and large construction projects for the Turkish government. KSK Construction is also connected to the Turkish Philanthropy Funds Organization. Read its 2020 – 2021 Annual Report below:

The three partners share the ownership and management of KSK Construction, with Arkan serving as the president, Aydin as the vice president, and Akyuz as the secretary.

Federal prosecutors are searching for corroborating evidence that Eric Adams’s campaign staff actively sought illegal donations from Turkey.


According to a Washington Post article, the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. 

The countries included Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates even though the United States does not have formal diplomatic relations with Algeria (who donated $500,000) to the Clinton Foundation or with Qatar (who donated $1,000,000 million) to the Clinton Foundation.

However, the Clinton Foundation was deliberately set up as a separate entity from Hillary Clinton’s political career precisely so that the Clintons could take advantage of the loop hole the Clintons created by establishing the Foundation in the first place.

The article also stated that the donations were possible because of exceptions written into the foundation’s 2008 agreement, which included limits on foreign-government donations.

This article will be updated as official documents are received from the Department of Justice and the story develops...