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Ruthie DiTucci

Due diligence is not a luxury or optional – it’s a legal obligation.

As the head of a corporation, I expect the people I include in my business ventures to have integrity, honesty, consistency, accountability, and professionalism. That means, they are expected to avoid activities such as fraud, bribery, falsification, or obstruction of justice.

From time to time, I have had to part ways with individuals who have not been forthcoming in regard to having the professional and/or legal qualifications required to perform the job or deliver what was agreed upon.

If an inquiry is made and the individual does not pass due diligence, then it is necessary to part ways in order for our corporation to maintain its integrity. That’s just the way it is!

Allegations have been made by a disgruntled former associate that we have not been fair. These allegations came when we discovered the person had misrepresented qualifications as a practicing barrister. We parted ways.