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By Ruthie DiTucci

Not everyone realized that behind the scenes of the Danny Masterson’s rape trial, his attorneys, (Tom Mesereau and Sharon Appelbaum) were sanctioned by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo for sharing discovery material with Vicki I. Podberesky, an attorney who works for the Church of Scientology.

The judge ordered Mesereau and Appelbaum to report to court with their own criminal defense attorneys to be present when she sanctioned them. Masterson had to hire all new attorneys to continue with his defense.

Three of Masterson’s rape victims were also members of the church as is Masterson. Those rape victims had been coming forward to the Church’s leaders with their rape complaints for years. The victims had routinely been ordered to keep their mouths shut about Masterson. They were also prohibited from going to the police or any law enforcement authority outside the church.

One of the rape victims was offered $400,000.00 USD cash and asked to sign a non disclosure agreement that would prohibit her from mentioning the case to anyone for the rest of her life. Another rape victim was threatened by Scientologists saying she, her spouse or her pets could be hurt as a result of her testimony. The victim’s first dog wound up dead – then her second dog wound up dead. An autopsy revealed her dog had been poisoned with brodifacoum (rat poison) wrapped in raw meat tossed into her yard. Danny Masterson borrowed a page from Bill Cosby’s book by plying the women with alcohol or drugging them before he sexually assaulted them.

And like Cosby, Masterson’s attorneys tried to convince the court that Masterson’s rape victims had conspired about the case. Unfortunately for Masterson, just like in the Cosby case, prosecutors were able to prove that the victims did not even know each other (hence there was no conspiracy.

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Masterson’s attorneys have been doing their level best to use the power and strength only big money (like Scientology) can buy to help Danny Masterson win his rape trial. Scientologists have been intimidating and threatening Masterson’s rape victims and their partners and relatives for years.

Leah Remini, former Scientologist was “born into” the organization as her parents were members during her childhood. Since she had been brought into the organization as a minor, she had no choice in the matter. She is an anti-Scientology activist and was in the court room supporting Masterson’s victims.

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The document below “LETTERS”, is the collection of guilt-ridden letters written by friends (and mostly relatives) on behalf of Danny Masterson. These letters are all addressed to Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo hoping to affect her emotionally during sentencing (but it didn’t work).

Mila Kunis’ letter starts on page 56. It’s a highly embarrassing letter where she goes on to describe what a great “big brother” Masterson has been and what a “great role model and older brother” he has played in her life.

There is no question that this couple did not mean a word of what they are saying in this video and they should never have recorded it. Certainly they are supposed to have managers and publicists to stop them from making fools of themselves.

The judge sentenced Danny Masterson to 30 years to life. He is currently on suicide watch.

Kutcher and Kunis have both stepped down from Thorn, the anti-child-sex-abuse organization that Kutcher co-founded with his ex-wife Demi Moore in 2009.

LOS ANGELES – APR 15: Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher at the 9th Breakthrough Prize Ceremony Arrivals at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on April 15, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA

Five women had come forward to accuse Masterson of rape. They had been complaining to church leaders for years but the church protected Danny Masterson.

Ashton Kutcher and his wife, Mila Kunis wrote letters to the judge hearing Danny Masterson’s rape case.

Defense attorneys, Thomas Mesereau and Sharon Applebaum were sanctioned by the judge for sharing work product case files with the legal office attorneys of the Church of Scientology.