Behavior Panel Members

By SyndicatedNews Staff

Scott Rouse, Mark Bowden, Chase Hughes, and Greg Hartley are the world’s top body language and behavior experts. The Behavior Panel members are focused on body language and nonverbal communication. The channel has four main members and has guests spots from people like Doctor Phil and others as they break down famous chases from true crime, pop culture, and politicians from around the world. Videos are small strings that are being analyzed by the panel at any given point in time. Their videos are posted on https://SNN.BZ with permission.

Watch their analysis of interviews with true crime, entertainment, and political figures. Learn alongside them how to detect truth, deception, and keep yourself and those you love safe. They post a new video every Thursday. The opinions represented are just opinions, and do not intend to represent any factual claims about any specific individual, directly or inferentially, and should be understood as such. Copyright and all rights reserved.