Pope Francis and Lynn Forester de Rothschild founded The Council for INCLUSIVE CAPITALISM Joint Venture

Lynn Rothschild and Pope Francis are two important and admirable individuals who have come together to establish The INCLUSIVE CAPITALISM Joint Venture. This organization seeks to promote an economic system that is inclusive of all people, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

As a result of this collaboration, they have garnered the support of international business leaders. One “For Profit” corporation which is a Steward Member of INCLUSIVE CAPITALISM is the GHR Global Humanitarian Reserve Corporation led by Ruthie DiTucci. The corporation’s website can be accessed at https://GHR.NETWORK

GHR Global Humanitarian Reserve Corporation is a “for profit” corporation that has always had a mission to invest in Indigenous Communities globally. However, GHR is always seeking methods to invest in underserved communities in a quiet, effective manner with little fanfare.

GHR will continue to invest in needy communities by partnering with local organizations that have proven track records of helping the very communities we seek to help. Such organizations are already well-versed in the needs of the community and can help ensure that the investment is targeted towards areas that are most in need. Moreover, these organizations have already led the way by establishing relationships with community leaders and members. These friendships help build trust and ensure that the investment provided is used in a manner that is consistent with the core community needs.

Lynn Rothschild invited King Charles III to do this video when he was the Prince of Wales – his ideas are still relevant today.

An additional method that GHR will continue its work with needy communities is by focusing on providing training and education to community members. These friendships and associations help empower individuals within the community and provide them with the tools necessary to improve their economic situation.

By investing in education and training, GHR GHR Global Humanitarian Reserve Corporation helps create sustainable economic development within the community that will benefit not only the current generation but future generations as well.

Furthermore, GHR GHR Global Humanitarian Reserve Corporation will leverage its existing relationships with other businesses to create a network of support for several needy communities. By bringing together other businesses that have a shared interest in investing in needy communities, GHR will create a larger impact and help ensure that the investment is sustainable over the long-term. This can be achieved through partnerships with businesses that have a strong presence within the community and a vested interest in its success.

We have learned through the years that if we train the mothers – they in turn train their own children as well as the community.

GHR will also invest in projects that have a dual purpose of promoting economic development while also addressing environmental concerns. By investing in projects that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship, GHR will help create economic opportunities within the community while also helping to address larger global challenges.

Ruthie DiTucci, CEO of GHR Global Humanitarian Reserve Corporation, has a unique opportunity to invest in needy communities now. All corporations are invited to join GHR in this valuable work. By partnering with local organizations, providing education and training, leveraging existing relationships with other businesses, and investing in projects that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship, GHR can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals within these communities in the present day. Such investments can create a positive cycle of economic development that can help to lift communities out of poverty and provide hope for a better future.