GHR cryptocurrency debuts with $2.3 BILLION USD worth of REAL ESTATE

By Stewart B. Stewart

NEVADO DE TOLUCA, MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – This parcel of land measures 5,000 acres in Toluca Mexico. It includes an inactive Volcano, a crater and two lakes, as well as extensive pine woods and unexplored mineral deposits. The property was deemed a National Park in 1936 and its original owners retain all property rights. The project has been signed and attached to a SAPI Investment financial instrument. The SAPI Agreement locks the property into escrow for 50 years. MONDAQ Investments offers the best detailed explanation of the SAPI Investment Agreement.

GHR.NETWORK is a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency utility coin, that is backed up with a high-priced escrow based in real estate. The CEO and three of the company’s lawyers live in Florida, the rest of the company’s executives live in London, Hong Kong, New York and Mexico.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the technology of the current day. Business professionals are just now incorporating both into their established businesses. However, Real Estate in these large proportions provides solid ground to help strengthen GHR.NETWORK by providing a stable position for all business transactions in general.

An escrow valued at $2.3 Billion USD provides GHR.NETWORK customers with a sense of security. The GHR.NETWORK business transactions are not ethereal in nature – all business transactions within this corporation have a firm basis in an asset that has been recognized internationally for centuries- REAL ESTATE.

GHR.Network’s CEO, Ruthie DiTucci has partnered GHR.NETWORK corporation with Ramon Alvarez Diaz, whose family has owned the Toluca property for centuries and Luis Alberto Castellanos Alvarado, Exterior Minister and Chief Administrator to the GNI (Gubernatura Nacional Indigena).

As a result of the original Toluca project, additional properties have been offered to the GHR Escrow Portfolio. Further, the government of Mexico has offered other locations they feel must also be developed as soon as possible. One of the properties will include an airport.

One property measuring 90 acres is located in Cancun, is located near an international airport and already has electric power, water, and sewage installed so it is far more developed than the other properties.

The development and construction of these massive land parcels will follow the recommendations put together during a meeting of multiple countries along with the United Nations. Once developed, earnings will be shared for 50 years among the cryptocurrency corporation, the actual property owner(s) and the GNI.

Regions (and singular countries) represented in the meetings recommending protection of these large land masses were Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guyana, Antilles, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. The meetings were held under the “America Continental – sustainable programs” banner. Not only were the meetings highly successful, but they also resulted in well thought out budgets.

The agreement between the property owner(s) and the GHR corporation stipulates that climate change and environmental considerations are to be a priority so that the projects are sustainable on a long-lasting basis. The escrow began in December of 2021 and lasts until December of 2071.

GHR.NETWORK’s executive team includes legal and medical professionals well-suited to collectively bring in the design, building, and construction architects, contractors and builders needed for the multi-billion-dollar project.

GHR.NETWORK invites investors to help develop the state-of-the-art solar powered ski resort. To be built are: A ski lift, a full-service hotel, restaurants, transportation to and from Toluca to the property, a medical facility (with housing for physicians and supporting medical staff), clothing and souvenir gift shops, laboratories for universities to run exploratory projects, employee housing and ecologically sensitive flora and fauna protection programs, as well as wildlife migration protection projects managed by universities with veterinary departments. Construction will generate jobs during the building of the projects, as well as create permanent, long-term jobs at the Toluca Volcano National Park.

Three new professionals have entered the GHR.NETWORK Executive Panel; they are Dr. Albert Koller, Aeronautics Systems Engineer who loved his 32-year career at NASA and joins GHR as a Business Advisor. Fernando Correa Dominguez joins GHR from Televisa TeleAzteca, National Geographic and The Learning Channel as a Spanish Language Communications Director and Ian Williams who spent his career at the United Nations representing The Guardian Newspaper joins GHR as Senior English Language Communications Director.

A “Crowd Sale” has been established using 27 different cryptocurrencies, as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and all credit or debit cards. Direct payment to company wallet addresses, or Zelle and bank deposits, are offered when requested.

GHR is a utility coin meant to build GHR’s web development and legal teams. Institutional and corporate donors wishing to help build these multiple facilities, or operate a program, are encouraged to contact [email protected]. Our immediate interest is in speaking with Architects, Geologists, Food Production Scientists, and physicians interested and able to live onsite.

Clive Aldred, Esq., (London-based) will represent this project with the European Union and the United Kingdom. Jonathan Wulwick, Esq. will represent this project in Canada and the United States. Gustas Mavroudis, Tax Director and Treasurer, will continue to manage financial matters.

GHR.Network is also in the process of interviewing Malaysia based attorneys. Maria Concepcion Powell, founder of the Women Grocer’s Foundation, will bring her food cultivation and distribution expertise to the food projects. Lee Plowman will be the GHR spokeswoman in Australia. Dr. Carlos Martoral and Dr. Kevin Maguire will manage the health needs of our projects going forward.

Jill Egizii, former mayor of Leland Grove, Illinois, and founder of WILD CANINE RESCUE, will manage an onsite “human rescue” training program.

GHR cryptocurrency has also partnered with Jeb Stuart Film Production Studios. Film Producers will be using GHR as a character in their film “SUSPICIOUS MINDS”.

Video of tourists enjoying the Toluca Volcano Property which is now GHR’s Escrow
for the next 50 years providing stability to all the company’s business transactions.