Ruthie DiTucci says that sometimes you have to be firm when you say "no" or "absolutely not."


Dear GHR.NETWORK and SNN.BZ family,

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year and express my gratitude for all of you. It has been a challenging year for us all, but we have persevered and come out stronger on the other side.

I would like to take a moment to remember Alex Sokolik, GHR’s land conservationist and engineer, who sadly passed away this year. Alex was a remarkable person who had a passion for nature and bow hunting. He wrote his second book on communing with nature and bow hunting, which we will continue to promote. We have been in touch with his brother Paul Sokolik, who is also a very accomplished engineer, and we share our condolences with the Sokolik family. LAI DESIGN will assume the land conservation and related responsibilities Alex had envisioned.  You can find Alex’s last interview at:

In other news, we are excited to announce that one of our Executive Panel Members has attained Diplomatic Status and has chosen to remain with GHR.NETWORK and SNN.BZ exclusively.

In the last few years, we made the safety maneuver of moving GHR Corporation from its Puerto Rico registration back to Florida. We had been “gifted” wonderfully large bonds which we were thrilled about. Unfortunately, when I personally contacted the issuing bank directly, they asked me to “toss them out.” The documents were sold to one of our colleagues who gifted them to GHR. Our corporate name and my personal name appeared on the bonds (the people who created them didn’t expect me to verify them). Thank God, we never actually purchased or invested in them. More importantly, we never asked anyone to invest in them either.

The event gave us another good lesson because when we ran due diligence again, only one person did not have an actual business license and that person is based in another country (not the USA). While I care deeply about our business, I have never become emotionally attached to business or personnel issues. When something doesn’t work – I let it go.

One of the wise people we started this business with once told me (and I still live by this advice) that people either have integrity or they do not. If they did not already have integrity in their core, they would find it difficult to carry on a farce for very long. However, if their actions were based in integrity, we would see that integrity all the time. It was the best advice ever.

We have had people work with us who eventually did not pass due diligence. Many are aware of it before they begin working with us and have already experienced having to part ways from projects they enjoyed while others had to be legally removed. In some cases not all “bad actors” part amicably and quietly. In some cases we have had to step up their departure and take additional legal measures to sever their participation.

And here is where I draw the line because we cannot become a “parent figure” when someone has made a legal mistake, nor do we have the right to further humiliate that person for making a mistake (whether their behavior was accidental or deliberate).

Not everyone lives by a religious faith or doctrine of any kind. More and more, those participating with GHR.NETWORK do have a faith foundation and live by it. We see it in their work and we see it in their day-to-day lives.

And having worked with someone that has made the error in judgment of trying to present themselves as a licensed professional when they were not, the individual is already living through a hard experience.

We are not going to worsen that person’s situation by punishing the individual privately or publicly. We put the matter in God’s hands and collectively pray about it while always following the laws applicable to private corporations.

What we have learned about GHR is that by not acting on documents that lacked verification or taking steps we did not believe in, we kept what is known in the law as “clean hands.” We are proud to say that all our documents were properly recorded when due and all our taxes were promptly paid.

May you all be blessed with a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to GHR.NETWORK and SNN.BZ.


Ruthie DiTucci, CEO, Jonathan Wulwick, Gustas Mavroudis, Col. David Brenner (Ret.), David McNulty and the new Consul (to be announced). Core Members of GHR.NETWORK and SNN.BZ