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By Ruthie DiTucci

Serious illness leading to death is affecting pets across the country.

American pet owners are facing an entirely new threat: a mysterious respiratory illness that has been spreading across several states. This sickness is very serious and does not go away with antibiotics.

It can make our pups feel very sick and tired, and cause them to cough, sneeze, and have runny eyes and noses.

Veterinarians in laboratories across the nation are working hard to find out what is causing this illness and trying to find a way to stop it.


  • Limiting contact with other dogs: We know how much our dogs love to play and socialize with their friends, but for now, it is better to keep them away from other dogs as much as possible. This can prevent the illness from spreading and keep our dogs safe.
  • Keeping up with vaccinations: We should make sure that our dogs have all their shots, especially those that protect them from common respiratory diseases. This can boost their immune system and help them fight off any germs.
  • Calling the vet if our dog is sick: If we notice any signs of illness in our dog, we should not wait and call our vet right away. They can examine our dog and give them the best care possible. They can also report the case to the authorities and help them track the outbreak.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has been keeping track of the cases and has reported more than 200 since mid-August. They are working with other state and federal agencies to find out what is causing the illness and how to treat it.

This mysterious illness, however, has moved across the country quickly and has now been recorded in many Florida counties.

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Sadly, some dogs have already died from this illness, according to Kurt Williams, the director of the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Oregon State University. He said that it is hard to know how many dogs have been affected by this illness, because there is no clear way to diagnose it or test for it.

He also said that we should not panic but be vigilant and careful. He reminded us that our dogs are our best friends, and we should do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy.

Image Source: Shutterstock licensed to SyndicatedNews SNN.BZ

Other labs across the country are also investigating this illness and sharing their findings. David Needle, a senior veterinary pathologist at the University of New Hampshire’s New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, has been studying this illness for almost a year.

He and his colleagues have looked at samples from dogs in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and more will be coming from Oregon, Colorado and possibly other states. He said that he has not seen a big increase in deaths, but still advised us to limit contact with other dogs.

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