A GHR.NETWORK Executive visiting England at Queen Elizabeth II’s passing

By Ruthie DiTucci

Col. David Brenner (Ret. US Army), a GHR.NETWORK Executive happened to be in England with his wife, Mrs. Teresa Brenner when Queen Elizabeth passed away. He shares these extremely important views with us…

Over the past week I have traveled from England to Scotland, and observed that everyone appears genuinely saddened by the Queen’s passing. Most people were not surprised that she died (she was 96 years old); rather, they were surprised how fast it all happened. There was news in the morning that she was ill – in common British understatement, doctors were “concerned” over the Queen’s health – then that same afternoon, it was announced that she had passed.

In Britain this week, everything is focused on the Queen’s life and what she has meant to the country. She was the longest-serving ruler in the nation’s history. Most people do not remember a time where Queen Elizabeth was not the queen.

The people do not expect life to change much in the UK with the shift from the Queen to the King. Afterall, King Charles has been preparing to take the throne for nearly 50 years. And early on, the people seem to be satisfied with the King and are confident with him for the future.

However, Queen Elizabeth was a stable, comfortable force in the world for many decades that people in the British realm counted on to be there. To do and say the proper things, to put duty before her personal desires, to love the people, and to cherish and support the nation. While they have political leaders who influence day-to-day life, she was a comforting constant in the world for 70 years who will be missed by most everyone.