By David K. McNulty

Until one sees the extravaganza that is this Mecum 25th Anniversary Auction, one is hard pressed to imagine the scope and complexity of such an awe inspiring operation. Realizing the planing, coordination and expense of buying, transporting and erecting the many very large semi permanent looking display buildings alone ought to be enough to justify in any reasonable attendee, the necessity of charging the registration fees.

As one casually looks around observing the enormity of the event grounds, seeing the myriad purposeful employees who are so carefully choreographed as to appear that every movement is planned in advance, one can easily be overwhelmed by the challenges of such a production!

It is far beyond the scope of this article to do justice to the enormity, variety and quality of all, or even most of the displays available for each and every attendee to experience for him of herself!

Image Source: DK McNulty © 2024, MECUM AUCTIONS, KISSIMMEE, FL

As One cannot fully experience the 23 individual Museums that compose the Smithsonian by looking at a few photographs and listening to a short recording. Similarly, one Must experience Mecum in person and allow multiple days!

There is a train of thought among those of us who consider ourselves enthusiasts, that One Very practical and efficient way to possess an interesting vehicle is to spend more time looking for one that already meets all or most of one’s desires and buy it.

To the people who share this opinion, Mecum is a God Send!! There must be Thousands of cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and assorted memorabilia in most any Make model and/or year of production that one could imagine! Everything is offered by owners who are willing to sell. Hopeful buyers are at no risk of finding the object of their dreams after what is sometimes years of diligent searching only to find that the present owner is in love with it and NFS! Mecum can be a very efficient vehicle (pardon the Pun) to transport a Dreamer to satisfied Owner!!

As stated earlier, this article cannot and will not attempt to show everything. Presented are a relative few examples of the myriad offerings presently available. The main intent is to provide a hint of the scope and depth of the treasures available and desiring to be relocated to your Man/Woman cave.