Laughter broke out throughout the church when the wedding officiant asked Harry if he would take Meghan as his wife and “forsake all others”.  Harry’s skirt chasing is known across the land and the wedding was being broadcast out to the public.

The crowd roared in laughter when they heard Harry agree to being faithful. The roaring could be heard inside the church which drew laughs from the entire congregation. 

By Ruthie Barrows

The bride, American born Meghan Markle had no “ex” partners present at the ceremony.  On the other hand, the groom, Prince Harry had at the very least two ex’s present as invited guests that sat in on both the ceremony and post nuptial receptions.

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As was the case of Prince Charles’ dalliance with Camilla Parker Bowles, when Prince Charles let Princess Diana know (yes, on their wedding day), that he would not ask Camilla not to attend their wedding, so too did Prince Harry do the same with Meghan Markle.

The whole of Europe was aware that Prince Charles’ old flame was in attendance and they were fine with it.

Like his father before him, Prince Harry, whose ex girlfriends’ list is too long to post here (many of whose faces were regularly splattered all over the tabloids) Harry did not ask his ex’s not to attend his wedding.

Several of Harry’s most photographed ex’s were present and who knows how many more were in attendance.

Harry didn’t have the foresight to exclude his ex’s from the ceremony.

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That means that from day one, Harry is having Meghan “accept” his status quo just as his father Prince Charles forced his mother Princess Diana to accept his then mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles (who is now his wife).

At the point where the priest asked Harry if he would take her and forsake all others, the entire congregation laughed out loud.

Sadly, the person who should not have laughed or gone along with laughing at that moment was Harry himself.

What began as a wry smile matured into a chuckle then he was outright laughing out loud.

And before the wedding day, Meghan’s brother Thomas Markle Jr. wrote an open and public letter to Harry warning him not to marry his sister Meghan Markle and that he “time to get out” before the wedding took place.

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The letter went on to say that Harry was making the biggest mistake of his life.

This is the same brother that was arrested recently for threatening his girlfriend with a gun winding up in jail. 

As for Harry, he’s been photographed in a wig and a bra, he’s been photographed licking the face and kissing a fellow soldier, he’s been photographed with his girlfriend at the time, both were completely naked (they were in Las Vegas) and he’s been photographed high on weed and drunk on liquor numerous times.

Tyler Dooley

He’s been photographed dressed as a nazi. He’s been photographed in “black face.”  He’s called his fellow soldier born in Pakistan, “our little Paki.”

We are hoping for the best for this young couple. Pity this isn’t a sport because the US Supreme Court recently ruled that the sports betting ban in the USA is unconstitutional.

Meghan’s nephew Tyler Dooley is a commercial marijuana grower in the state of Oregon. He’s spliced up a new weed strain he calls “Markle Sparkle”.

All in all CHEERS!

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